Evan Kardon Arrested

Evan Kardon is known as a well-known TikTok star. Has he been arrested till now? 

Evan Kardon is known for reacting and switching TikTok videos for fun; he always makes content to make fun.

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He has been involved in comedy TikToks, so he has been noticed by many people for his content.

Kardon has 809.4 K followers in his TikTok and 53.9 M likes. He gets Million views in his one video, so many people have loved his content.

But he has been keeping his personal life out of his social media; he has not shared much about his personal life.

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Evan Kardon Arrest And Charges: Is TikTok Star In Jail?

No, the TikTok star Evan Kardon has not been arrested till now; people have been making hoaxes about his arrest. 

He started using Tiktok in 2021 and shared his first video on November 2021, and In the video, he deadlifts 705 pounds.  

Kardon makes different content in TikTok; he posted a video with the caption, ” Imagine getting arrested for a DUI and acting like a joke.”

TikTok shared by Evan Kardon on his account which was switched by maximusoriley
TikTok was shared by Evan Kardon on his account which was switched by maximusoriley. (Source: TikTok)

Many people made fun of the video and shared it on TikTok, but he was never arrested. Some also made fake news about him getting arrested for a mugshot. 

But after many news and fake comments, he selected the video from his official account. We can only find the switch by one of the TikTok users.

So, he has not been arrested or charged for anything. He was just creating content about getting arrested.

The news about the arrest of famous TikTok star Evan Kardon has been clear that he is a content creator and just created a context regarding the arrest.

The video included the Police car running back to him, a TikTok filter; he used the filter to accurately match his content.

The filter has been trending for a long time; he also created other content using the same filter.

What Did Evan Kardon Do? Arrest Hoax 

People have been searching for Evan Kardon to know about his arrest, but the news is just a hoax. 

He is a content creator of a trending app, TikTok. He is famous for weightlifting content; he switches and duets other content. 

Not only his TikTok but also his Instagram is full of his TikTok content. He only shares his Tiktok on his Instagram account.

When he created content reading about the arrest, people made fun of him, and people made fake news regarding the arrest of Kardon. 

Fake Tiktok regarding Evan arrest.
Fake TikTok regarding Evan’s arrest. (Source: TikTok)

But then he deleted the video and uploaded a new video just 6 hours ago; he has always been active on his TikTok account.

Besides his content and dueting the video, he has replied to his fan’s questions. The feature of Q/A has been in TikTok for almost a year now, so he has been responding through his account.

His followers have appreciated his reaction and content; he often shares videos on TikTok he has not left a day without adding a video to his TikTok.

So, he has not done anything to get arrested, and he is an ordinary person who has been getting a good amount of views, fans, and followers through his TikTok account. 

Kardon’s TikTok account goes by evankardon; get more information getting connected with him in TikTok.

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