Evelyn Guardado Missing Case

People want to know about Evelyn Guardado Missing case. Evelyn Guardado, 24, of Eagle Pass, Texas, was reported missing to the Eagle Pass Investigators Department on February 1. 

According to police, a belt was discovered close to potential human remains. A male has been taken into custody as part of the ongoing investigation.

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In San Antonio, According to Eagle Pass Police, they have located the remains of a missing 24-year-old woman who was last seen a few days ago.

Authorities in Eagle Pass received a missing person complaint for Evelyn Guardado the day after she vanished on February 1.

Evelyn Guardado Missing Case

Federico Garza, the Police chief of Eagle Pass, Texas, told KENS 5 regarding the delayed report, “I know it’s desperate times, but we would like for them to contact the Police department so we can work together.”

Law enforcement officers looking for Guardado discovered the corpses in the town of Quemado in Maverick County’s northern region. 

The remote area is near the private prison where Guardado allegedly served as a detention officer.

Using distinctive identifiers, Eagle Pass police claim that Guardado’s body is “most likely” the one in question. 

The identity of the remains still needs to be confirmed by the local medical examiner. The body that was discovered had wounds, according to Garza.

24 Years Girl Evelyn Guardado Body Found Quemado North Of Eagle Pass

Guardado’s team member Jesus Vasquez, who was apprehended in Medina County after the remains were discovered, has reportedly been charged with her ******, according to the police.

Garza stated, “We don’t know the precise nature of his contact with her. We need to focus our efforts because there are many rumors.

On January 31, Guardado dropped off a buddy on her way home from work, and it was the last time a person saw or heard from her, according to authorities.

Evelyn Guardado Missing Case
Evelyn Guardado Missing case details. (Source: San Angelo Live!)

Later, at an apartment building, her automobile was discovered. Evelyn Guardado, 24, who had been missing since January 31, was found dead after a search of a property near Quemado, Texas, 20 miles north of Eagle Pass. 

On Tuesday, the Texas Rangers and the local police made the search’s conclusion public. Shortly after the search got underway, the finding was made.

While processing the scene for evidence, authorities sealed off the area where the deceased was found. 

Breitbart Texas saw the woman’s shocked family members draw close to the discovery scene. As investigators investigated the scene, the missing woman’s mother sobbed and screamed.

More Details on This case 

During a press conference on Tuesday, authorities revealed the body’s discovery on the ranch behind a dense bush.

 Police claim they are positive the deceased was Evelyn Guardado, even though official identification has not yet taken place.

According to Breitbart Texas, Guardado’s family alerted local officials to her abduction, and they launched an inquiry. 

Guardado was a licensed police officer who had previously served in Maverick County as a deputy constable. 

After making several fruitless calls to the missing woman’s phone, family members discovered that it had been turned off soon after she vanished.

On Thursday, police discovered Guardado’s gray Dodge Charger in an Eagle Pass apartment building. The car was seized as evidence, according to Federico Garza, chief of police in Eagle Pass.

Evelyn’s family started their inquiry after contacting nearby businesses and asking for security camera footage to determine her itinerary after leaving work out of frustration. 

Evelyn Guardado Missing Case
Evelyn Guardado Missing Of Eagle Pass TX Evelyn Guardado was reported missing on February 1st. (Source: San Angelo Live!)

They were successful when the surveillance camera of a nearby department store saw her car approach a residential area less than a mile from the Rio Grande. 

Police could locate Evelyn’s vehicle because of the findings at a nearby property where it had been before she moved into the apartment building.

Chief Garza informed the media on Monday that the case had resulted in an arrest. 

Garza claims that Eagle Pass resident Jesus Esteban Vasquez was charged with unlawful motor vehicle use and detained after transporting Evelyn’s Dodge from his House to an apartment the day after she vanished.

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