Brian Wells Death

Evil Genius is a true crime documentary series based on Brian Wells’s *****. Read further to learn about the robbery plan which killed a pizza delivery guy. 

Brian Wells was the victim of one robbery plan; orchestrated by Diehl-Armstrong to collect $250,000.

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Diehl-Armstrong was the mastermind behind this robbery, as the investigation says; two others were involved in the case, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and Kenneth Barnes.

They have been facing charges of ******, and the court report says that the mastermind behind the robbery, Diehl-Armstrong, was not mentally fine. 

Diehl-Armstrong shot her boyfriend six times and claimed it as self-defense, and her family also died in some other circumstances which were not disclosed in public.

The case was taken interest worldwide, and the documentary on the crime was out in 2018. Read further to gather more information about the delivery boy’s *****. 

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Evil Genius Pizza Bomber Brian Wells ***** – Died Of Collar Bomb

The case of Brain Wells is known as Pizza Bomber, as a 46-year-old pizza delivery man walked into a bank armed with a shotgun. He didn’t speak a word. He just handed the teller a note demanding $250,000 in cash.

Wells had a collar bomb in his neck, and the teller handed the note that mentioned that the collar bomb would go off if he did not get what he wanted.

So, the bank teller handed him the $8,000, but he did not look at the bag or brother to ask the teller about the money. 

Netflix viewers have been left horrified after there was no warning that a man was going to blow up in Evil Genius
Netflix viewers have been left horrified after there was no warning that a man would blow up in Evil Genius. (Image Source: Pizza Bomber)

The delivery boy took the bag and walked out from the pack, but he did not reach the place to the planer as Police surrounded him. 

Wells described Police how he had been involved in this robbery; he bent down and aks Police for help. He begged them to let him go, but they did not allow him to go. 

The device he was wearing began beeping louder and louder, faster and faster, insisting that he had much less time left. Police were around him, they tried helping, but the bomb exploded.

Cameras were around him; the explanation was seen in the news video, and many people were going live. The video went viral on different platforms. 

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More About Brian Wells’s ****** 

As mentioned earlier, three of the people were involved in the crime. 

Marjorie Eleanor “Marge” Diehl-Armstrong was the one who managed and wanted to have $250,000 cash. She needed that money to pay a hitman who would kill her Father. 

As noted by Sputnik News, Diehl-Armstrong wanted to ****** her dad so that she could claim his inheritance.  

Picture of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong in 2004, and Brain Wells before his ***** in 2003.
Picture of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong in 2004 and Brain Wells before his ***** in 2003. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

To help Diehl-Armstrong, two of her friend were involved, Kenneth Barnes and William Ansel “Bill” Rothstein. Everyone is dead, and they died inside the jail while serving their charges of crime.

Diehl-Armstrong died from breast Cancer in April 2017 in prison at 68. Similarly, Kenneth Barnes, who was inside the prison for being a fishing buddy of the mastermind, died because of diabetes in June 2019.

Then, Bill Rothstein, who gave a handgun to the friend in the case of ******, died on July 30, 2004, because he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Sadly, Wells was not related to any of them, and he was just used as a means to get money from the bank. 

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