Fabiola Sciabbarrasi Wikipedia and eta are common search interests among netizens. Here is more about Pino Daniele mogile and figili. 

Sciabbarrasi is the ex-wife of the late Italian singer Pino Daniele. They had three children together.

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Pino Daniele was an influential Italian singer, songwriter, and musician who covered various genres, including pop, blues, jazz, and Italian and Middle Eastern music. 

He was a legendary music icon in Italy, with several hit albums and singles released and having worked with many international musicians.

The singer passed away on January 4, 2015, due to a heart ******, aged 59.

It was reported that he had been suffering from severe heart issues for a while.

At the time, he lived on an isolated farm in the countryside in Toscana, which took time to take him to Rome immediately after suffering a heart ******.

Sciabbarrasi is the second wife of Pino Daniele; he was first married to Dorina Giangrande and had two children.

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Fabiola Sciabbarrasi Wikipedia 

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi Wikipedia page goes not exist as of February 2023. Nevertheless, here is a short biography of the Italian diva.

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi is a former Italian model and a social media influencer. 

Sciabbarrasi is the ex-wife of Italian musician Pino Daniele. The couple was married for over two decades before separation.

Daniele and Sciabbarrasi met in the early nineties and were together for several years.

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi Wikipedia
Fabiola Sciabbarrasi and her ex-husband Pino Daniele were together for two decades. (Source: Instagram)

Fabiola is Pino Daniele’s second wife, whom he married after divorcing his first wife, Dorina Giangrande.

The couple had three children together; daughters Sara and Sofia and son Francesco.

After the birth of his daughters, Daniele dedicated songs to them; Sara from the album Medina and Sofia from the album Passi d’autore.

The marriage ended in 2014 after Pino found a new girlfriend, Amanda Bonini, a fifty-year-old Viterbo native.

Shortly after the separation, Fabiola accused Pino of not caring for his three children and leaving the family high and dry.

Nevertheless, Sciabbarrassi still holds her deceased ex-husband in high regard and mentions that she misses him during her media interviews.

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi Eta And Instagram- How Old Is Pino Daniele Moglie?

Pino Daniele mogile Fabiola Sciabbarrasi eta is 55-year-old.

Sciabbarrasi was born in Italy on April 26, 1968. Despite being 54, the Italian diva still looks younger than her age.

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi regularly uploads pictures on her social media. (Source: Instagram)

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi has an Instagram profile where she frequently uploads pictures of her social life and family.

She has 52K followers on her Instagram profile, @fabiolasciabbarrassi

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Fabiola Sciabbarrasi Figlio E Figlia(Son And Daughter)

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi figilo e figlia are Sara Daniele, Sofia Daniele, and Francesco Daniele.

The eldest daughter, Sara, was born on May 30, 1996. She followed in her father’s footsteps and became a singer.

Sara is famous in Italy and has a massive social media following. Her Instagram @saradanielee has over 319K followers.

She is associated with Columbia Records Italy and Sony Music Italy. 

Fabiola Sciabbarrasi with her children. (Source: Instagram)

Fabiola and Pino’s younger daughter Sofia is five years Sara’s junior. She is on Instagram as @itsofidani.

Their youngest child is a son named Francesco Daniele. He is on Instagram as @fradanii.

Pino had two children from his first marriage to Dorina Giangrande, a singer who served as the backing vocalist in his albums Terra mia and Un Uomo in blues.

Their son Alessandro worked as Pino’s manager, and their daughter Cristina worked in his team.

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