Austin Harrouff Mugshot

Austin Harrouff mugshot was released after he was detained for killing different people. He is known as the “face eater”; he is accused of killing two people and eating the face of one of his victims.

Following a long of legal procedures, he was encountered as “not guilty” because of insanity in a plea agreement he consented to just as his murder trial was about to start. 

As he was involved in a heinous crime that was acknowledged publically, his professional background has been searched widely by many people on media outlets.

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Face Eater Austin Harrouff: Know His Crimes

Face Eater Austin Harrouff is under headlines after the judge ruled him who randomly killed a Florida pair in their garage six years ago. He had then chewed on one victim’s face.

Judge to decide on Florida face-biter insanity plea
Judge to decide on Florida face-biter insanity plea (Source- CTV News)

Harrouff is said to be sent to a secure mental health treatment structure for this deed. Officials will only take him out of medical supervision unless doctors regard him danger free of the condition. 

He was apprehended with two counts of first-degree murder and other charges for killing John Stevens and his wife, Michelle Mishcon Stevens, in 2016.

With this crime and his mental examination, if the trial had gone forward, Harrouff could have faced life in prison for several years or the death penalty.

Who Is Face Eater Austin Harrouff Girlfriend? 

Face Eater Austin Harrouff is mainly known for his wired killing of people, so not much is known about his girlfriend or love life. The court documents may not express such details publically.

Unless his lover is involved in the crime sequence or other illegal activities, court and investigation reports will not clarify his whereabouts. 

As he has been linked to an unstable mental illness and referred to a mental hospital for further treatment, he is unlikely to have any lovable relationship. However, being a young boy, it may be possible too.

Even though he has been associated with killing people horrifically, many people have kept interested in knowing about his love life too. Since nothing has been updated on this case, he may be single.

Face Eater Austin Harrouff murdered a Florida couple and ate one of their faces' looks unrecognizable as he appears in court to challenge insanity rules
Face Eater Austin Harrouff murdered a Florida couple and ate one of their faces’ looks unrecognizable as he appears in court to challenge insanity rules (source- Daily Mail)

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Where Is Face Eater Austin Harrouff Now?

Face eater Austin Harrouff has been facing legal procedure, and due to mental instability, he will be sent to a doctor’s supervision. The trial was postponed for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The legal jury communicated Austin would remain in the Martin County Jail until he is taken to a well-established mental health facility attended by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

He will only be permitted to exit the facility with a court order once the excellent result comes out. 

During an investigation phase, two mental health professionals, one hired by the defense and another by prosecutors, examined Harrouff and expressed he had an acute psychotic episode during the attack.

Due to this illness, he could not differentiate between right and wrong, so treatment is necessary to reduce the influence.

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