Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead prank went viral on Twitter on December 26, 2022, as they told their friends and families that Lois Griffin died at 43 and recorded their reactions.

Lois Patrice Griffin is a fictional character from Family Guy’s animated television sitcom. 

Alex Borstein voices her and originally appeared on television on December 20, 1998, along with the rest of the Griffin family, in a 15-minute short.

She is the Griffin family’s mother and matriarch. Her husband, Peter, and she have three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie, as well as the family dog, Brian.

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Despite confessing to being a recovered methamphetamine addict and kleptomaniac, Lois is frequently presented as a traditional television mother and housewife. 

Lois has also had multiple affairs, one of which is said to have resulted in Chris’s conception.

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead Prank Made Fans Worried About Alex Borstein As Well

The latest celebrity death hoax to hit the internet is the ‘Lois Griffin is dead at 43’ joke, which was popularized on TikTok and Twitter.

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead
Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead (source: Sportskeeda)

Many internet people linked the animated character’s death to the end of the woman who voiced her. This has triggered an investigation into Alex Borstein’s health.

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Alex Borstein is undoubtedly alive and healthy as of December 2022. She has been quite active on social media, with her most recent video posted on Instagram on December 25, 2022.

The joke ‘Lois Griffin is dead at 43’ has gone viral on social media. Even on TikTok, several individuals shared videos of themselves pranking their family members by claiming that the Family Guy character had died.

Some even posted memes and funny reactions to the prank. Several netizens also googled to check who the character was.

The Family Guy-inspired craze has elicited a wide range of comments, with many claiming to have seen her on TV only a few weeks ago or that they will “truly miss her.” 

People who want more information about Lois are at the other extreme of the spectrum.

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead Prank TikTok Joke Explained

TikTok users are posting on social media the amusing responses of their relatives and friends to the news.

TikTok is pranking their families by telling them that Lois Griffin died at 43 and filming their emotions.

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead
Family Guy Lois (source: Pinkvilla)

When TikTok user arabellaalexis0 told her family that they had no idea who Lois was. “I just saw her on TV last week,” the TikToker says as he doubles down on the prank.

Family members who had no idea who Lois was started Googling her, only to be bewildered and ask, “the character?”

Aside from the films made by TikTokers, various memes on the subject have emerged. After receiving the hoax news, netizens submitted humorous gifs and video footage of their responses as well as the reactions of others.

People who hadn’t seen the performance were perplexed by the death announcement, which elicited some amusing replies. Many people were astonished, while others went online to look for her name, only to discover she was a cartoon character.

Twitter users had a great time joking about the scam in their messages. “Can you simply stop claiming Lois Griffin is dead? I’m becoming worried,”

One person said. “I informed my parents Lois Griffin was deceased, and they responded “who?” remarked another. Yeah, I’m not sure what I was expecting.”

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