Fara Williams Wife

Who is English footballer Fara Williams Wife? Delve into the following write-up about her romantic life and personal details.

Former British footballer Fara Tanya Franki Merrett, best known as Fara Williams played as a central midfielder for several clubs and the English National Team.

Thirty-nine years old Fara started her career in 2000 with team Chelsea and played with several clubs, including Charlton Athletic, Everton, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Reading.

She retired in 2021 after her 246th appearance and 106 club goals. Williams was awarded the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” (MBE) for her exceptional contribution to England football.

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Who Is Fara Williams Wife Amy Kane? Married Life

In December 2015, Fara Williams married her business partner and former teammate Amy Kane.

Amy is an English former footballer who played as a midfielder for Everton Ladies and Blackburn Rovers Ladies.

Similarly, Amy also represented England at Under-23 level football championships. Thirty-six years old Amy started her career in 2001 with Everton and took her retirement from the team in 2014.

Fara and Amy met at Everton for the first time. Fara was associated with the team from 2004-2012, and Amy was recruited as a team member from 2010-2014.

Playing for the same team as the teammates increased the closeness between Amy and Fara. Their close friendship soon converted into an intimate relationship.

They used to share romantic and affectionate pictures on social media.

During their dating time in 2014, Amy quit her profession as a footballer and retired to focus her career away from football.

Amy started the sports ware business, and Fara was the business partner. After their marriage, Fara Williams and her partner Amy Kane’s relationship was well-praised and loved by many people.

Fara Williams Wife
Fara Williams was married to former Everton teammate Amy Kane but soon divorced after their marriage. (Source: Tumblr)

Fans often called them the power couple of Women’s Football. However, their relationship soon ended after their marital relationship.

Fara and Amy kept their mouth seal closed about their distorted relationship.

Although from the player’s side, fans could not get the reason for the beautiful couple’s divorce just after a few months of their marriage, fans had made several assumptions.

They pointed out that the reason for the Fara Williman and her partner Amy Kane’s divorce might be incompatibility, loss of trust, or infidelity.

Fara Williams And Her Ex-Wife Amy Kane Dating Timeline

Fara Williams’s relationship and marriage news with the fellow Everton teammate was all over the media then. But, after their divorce, both former players kept their private affairs away from the media.

The dating news of Fara and Amy was their first ever rumor regarding their intimate relationship, which resulted in the marriage and again took the U-turn to divorce.

After that, no official news about the player’s dating has been covered in the media.

However, in early 2017, there were rumors that Fara Williams was dating then-Millwall Football Club player Leah Jones.

But, Fara denied the news and refused to make any statement. Moreover, she also deleted the post on her social media. 

Fara Williams Wife
Fara Williams was rumored to be in a relationship with Millwall’s player Leah Jones. (Source: Arsenal)

Therefore, it is difficult to trace the relationship status of the former players and once the married partner, Fara Williams, and Amy Kane.

They might be happy in their life and living to the fullest along with their family member, and if they have one, they might be spending the happier moment of their life with their current partners.

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