Matthew Leveson Parents

Matthew John Leveson was an Australian man who was last seen leaving a Sydney nightclub on September 23, 2007. Matthew Leveson parents were devasted after finding out their son died.

Matthew Leveson was an Australian man last seen while leaving a Sydney nightclub on September 23, 2007. After failing to arrive at work, his family filed a missing person’s report.

A year after Michael Atkins, Leveson’s lover, was detained and accused of murder in August 2008.

After a four-week trial, Atkins was found not guilty of both the primary charge of murder and the alternate charge of manslaughter in October 2009.

Death cases as such are extremely heart-wrenching and disturbing to hear, and Matthew Leveson’s parents were no exception. They were devasted after finding their son’s dead body.

Here’s all we know about his death cause, his parents, and his funeral.

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Who Are Faye and Mark Leveson? Meet Matthew Leveson Parents

Faye Leveson and Mark Leveson are the parents of Matthew Leveson, a young man from Sydney, Australia ,who went missing in 2007.

Matthew’s disappearance became a high-profile case in Australia, and his parents fought tirelessly to discover what happened to their son.

Matthew Leveson Parents
Matthew Leveson’s parents, Faye and Mark Leveson aarriveat the NSW Coroner’s Court. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Sadly, in 2017, Leveson’s remains were found in a remote area of the Royal National Park, south of Sydney.

It was determined that he had been killed, and his former partner, Michael Atkins, was eventually charged with his murder.

Faye and Mark Leveson were devastated by their son’s death, but they also felt arelievedthat they could finally lay him to rest and have some closure.

Matthew Leveson’s parents continue to be vocal advocates for missing persons and their families, and they have called for changes to Australia’s justice system to better support those affected by crime and tragedy.

Matthew Leveson Death Cause And Funeral

Matthew Leveson’s cause of death was determined to be a homicide. He was killed by his former partner, Michael Atkins, in 2007.

After years of searching, Matthew’s remains were finally discovered in a remote area of the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, in 2017.

Atkins was charged with Leveson’s murder, but he ultimately struck a plea deal and was sentenced to a maximum of 20 years for the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Matthew Leveson Parents
Matthew Leveson with his partner Michael Atkins before his disappearance in 2007. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Matthew’s funeral was held in December 2017 after his remains had been returned to his family.

The service was held at Woronora Memorial Park in Sutherland, Sydney, and was attended by hundreds of mourners.

At the funeral, Matthew’s parents, Faye and Mark Leveson ,spoke about their son and the impact of his death on their family.

The funeral provided some closure for the Leveson family, who had spent years searching for their son and fighting for justice.

Matthew Leveson Death Case Throughout The Globe

While the case of Matthew Leveson may not have received international attention, it was a high-profile case in Australia that garnered widespread media coverage and public interest.

Matthew’s disappearance in 2007 sparked a massive search effort and a police investigation that lasted for years.

His parents, Faye and Mark Leveson became tireless advocates for their son and other families of missing persons, and their efforts helped keep the case in the public eye.

The discovery of Matthew’s remains in 2017 and the subsequent trial and conviction of his killer, Michael Atkins, also received significant media attention in Australia. 

Overall, the case of Matthew Leveson served as a reminder of the devastating impact that crime and violence can have on families and communities.

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