Fedex Employee Shot And Killed

Bartholomew Masciulli was a driving instructor for FedEx. He was shot and killed on 7 October 2022 at Philadephia International Airport.

A man has been charged with criminal homicide. Keith Lamont Blount, 59, of Philadelphia, has been charged with criminal homicide, first- and third-degree murder, and handgun possession.

Follow us till the end to know more about the recent FedEx worker death.

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Who Killed Bartholomew Masciulli, A FedEx Employee?

As mentioned above, the driving instructor was gunned down by a man in his late fifties.

According to the authorities, Keith Lamont Blount allegedly shot Masciulli after the latter did not approve him as a package delivery driver for the Company.

Fedex Employee Shot And Killed
Fedex’s late driving instructor, Bartholomew Masciulli. (Source: Gunmemorial)

The FedEx driving instructor was shot and killed while sitting in his vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the area of the airport’s FedEx distribution center.

The Tinicum Township Police found the victim’s dead body inside a Jeep Patriot. As per multiple eyewitnesses, the shooter approached the driver’s side window and fatally shot Masciulli.

Keith Lamont Blount was arrested a few hours after the incident. Police found him at his House. There, he opened Fire on two responding officers and turned the gun on four more.

The officers fired back, bullet slightly gazed at his head, but the injury was not serious. He was being held without bail.

Furthermore, the Company expressed shock following the tragedy. They fully cooperated with the investigation. Keith has been charged with criminal homicide, first- and third-degree murder, and handgun possession. The evaluation took place on 29 August 2022.

Bartholomew Masciulli was reportedly a Father of three. He had worked for the Company for nearly three-decade.

FedEx Employee Shot And Killed At Memphis Hub

On 30 November 2022, another FedEx worker died after sustaining an injury at the World Hub in Memphis. Jenny Robertson, Company’s spokesperson, confirmed the incident.

As reported by ActionNews 5, the team member was accidentally killed in the afternoon while on the job. While confirming the tragedy, FedEx released the statement.

The statement read, “we can confirm the loss of one of our team members this afternoon and are deeply saddened. Our heartfelt thoughts are with our team member’s families, colleagues, and all those affected by this event.

They added, “the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident are still under investigation, and FedEx is fully cooperating with investigating authorities.”

The multinational Company didn’t reveal the identity of the worker. Furthermore, whether the team member died on the FedEx property or in the hospital has not been disclosed.

Other Deaths Of FedEx Employees

According to Commercial Appeal, the worker who died on 30 November is the seventh team member who died in the Memphis area while on the clock since 2014.

It is also the third person to die this year. As per the publication, the list of the people who died is as follows.

On 1 May, a FedEx worker passed away while at work in Olive Branch. Previously to that, on 18 February, 33-year-old FedEx World Hub team member Jessica James passed away while operating a forklift.

Chandler Warren, 19, was killed in July 2014 when a freight lift crushed him. Christopher Higginbottom, a 39-year-old cargo tug driver, fell from the tug he was operating in 2015 and was later destroyed by the laden dolly he was dragging.

Ellen Gladney and Duntate Young also died while working in November 2017 and November 2019, respectively.

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