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Felipe Colares Wife, Jacqueline Amaral, is mourning the death of her husband, who died after getting hit by a bus. Keep reading to explore their married life.

Felipe Colares was a former UFC player whose debut was on February 2, 2019, at UFC Fight Night: Assunção vs. Moraes 2. Colares had a professional fighting record of 12-4-0.

He had played a total of 16 fights and won 12 of them, and lost 4. Furthermore, Colares was with Knockout Team until 2014, and after that, he was under Team Nogueira until his tragic death.

Colares did pretty well in his professional fighting career, and his work was loved by many. Colares was close to his family members as he was a married man.

Who Is Jacqueline Amaral, Felipe Colares Wife?

Jacqueline Amaral is the loving wife of the late MMA fighter Felipe Colares. They were said to be married for a long time, but not much is known about their wedding.

However, exploring their social media handles, we can say that the couple were together for a long time. Both of them used to feature each other on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Felipe’s wife, Jacqueline, is a digital creator who has a solid fan base on her Instagram handle, where we can find Amaral as @professorajacqamaral. As of now, Amaral has accumulated more than 25k followers.

Felipe Colares Wife
Felipe Colares was married to his wife Jacqueline Amaral. ( Source: Instagram )

Amaral has also written some books, including Redação para Desesperados. She is also a Portuguese language teacher for public tenders and has been writing for ENEM for a decade.

She graduated in the French Language at UNIFAP and post-graduated in Methodology for Teaching Portuguese Language and Literature. In the same way, she studied the Production of Didactic Material and Training of Mediators Reading. 

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Meet Jacqueline Amaral Son Rhavi Colares

Jacqueline Amaral and her late husband, Felipe Colares, had already started a family of their own. They were blessed with a child, a son named Rhavi Colares.

As we know, Amaral is an active Instagram user, and from her account, she used to feature her pregnancy journey. In June 2022, Amaral posted that she and her partner welcomed a son a week ago.

Jacqueline Amaral Son
Jacqueline Amaral and her husband Felipe Colares, are the parents of a son named Rhavi Colares. ( Source: Instagram )

Following the announcement, everyone coagulated the duo and left sweet messages in the comment section. Moreover, Felipe was close to his family members and used to spend most of his spare time with them.

Also, we can find him on IG as @felipecabocaoufc, and from his account, the MMA fighter has shared snaps with his wife and child.

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A Look at MMA Fighter Felipe Colares Family Life

Felipe Colares was born Luis Felipe Dias Colares on March 31, 1994, in Macapa, Amapa, Brazil, to his parents, but their names aren’t available online.

It is said that Colares was not only the child of his parents as Colares was raised alongside his two siblings named Nayaraa Colares and Lauro Colares.

Fighter Felipe Colares Family
Fighter Felipe’s wife shared a photo of her family after the passing of her husband. ( Source: Instagram )

Colares was raised in Macapa, Amapa. He was interested in fighting from a young age and started training in judo at the age of seven. Also, Colares picked up Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai at 15 years old. 

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