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The famous K-pop Idol Lee Felix Parents were unsupportive of his dreams, and he had to break free. Lee Felix opens up about having a hard time growing up in a traditional Asian family. 

Lee Yong-Bok, famously known as ‘Lee Felix,’ is a member of a Korean boy band called ’Stray Kids.’ He is a singer, lead dancer, and rapper in the band.

Although born in Korea, he mostly grew up in Australia, where he completed high school. He later moved to South Korea to pursue his dreams of being a K-pop idol.

The 22-year-old’s career began when he participated in a TV show called ‘Stray Kids’ created by the famous company ‘JYP Entertainment.’

It quickly grabbed a lot of attention, leading to its first-ever release, ‘ Hellevator’ in 2017.

After releasing their first Mixtape before their official debut in January 2018, they officially introduced themselves in March of that same year.

The group released three more sets of songs, many individual songs, and different music videos.

In 2018, Felix and the rest of the group received the New Hallyu Rookie Award at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

Lee Felix Parents Did Not Want Lee Felix To Be A K-pop

Lee Felix grew up in a very traditional Asian household. Although living in Australia, Lee Felix parents made sure that Lee was connected to his roots back in Korea.

Mr. Lee is a businessman in Sydney, and Mrs. Lina works as a stay-at-home mother.

Lee’s fans barely know about them, but some interviews from Lee Felix suggest that he had a hard time growing up in a strict stereotypical Asian home.

His father, Mr. Lee, encouraged Lee Felix to learn taekwondo. Felix eventually not only learned how to do taekwondo but also won several awards in the sport.

Lee Felix Parents
As per the viral TikTok videos, Lee Felix Parents when they were younger. (Source: Instagram)

Like his father, his mother had her expectation of her son, Lina Lee’s Mother encouraged him to learn piano. This led the singer to identify his interest in music.

Lee Felix might not have enjoyed doing taekwondo as much as he enjoyed music, but he couldn’t say no to his father, so he kept being involved in the sport until one day, he decided that he did not want to do it anymore.

After discovering his dream of being a K-pop artist, Lee was very persuasive about moving back to Korea.

Lee Felix parents were happy about him moving back to his home country, but they did not support the idea of becoming a K-pop idol.

They were very religious and did not want their kids to be involved in something they truly despised.

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Did Lee Felix Really Hurt His Parent’s Feelings?

Lee opens up about having to face problems with his family in the earlier stage of his career.

Lee Felix exclusively said in an interview that,

I would show them my work and they wouldn’t reply me back. It was very hard convincing my parents that this is what I love and want to do for the rest of my life.

He added that his parents were aware of the news of K-pop idols committing suicides, taking drugs, being bullied by fans, and being emotionally abused.

Lee Felix parents saw their kid as a taekwondo player or a musician in a sophisticated industry. K-pop was not what they imagined their kid to be involved in.

Lee Felix in uniform
Lee Felix is in uniform. (Source: Instagram)

Lee is vocal about his choices hurting his parent’s feelings, but he added that he felt very suffocated when he was following his parent’s rules of being a disciplined catholic.

While he was gaining much popularity, tons of false news made headlines regarding his sexuality. People were blindly making rumors about his sexuality.

This was extremely unsupported by Felix parents, which would again hurt their relationship with their son.

Lee’s sister Rachel hated seeing her brother’s personal life being shattered on the internet, for which she posted a tweet saying:

My brother’s sexuality is his choice, even if he is bisexual or even if he is not, his music and his work as a K-pop idol should be important instead of this.

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