Fernanda Molina Wikipedia and Idade

People have wanted to know about Fernanda Molina’s Wikipedia and Idade (age). She and her husband, Serginho Groisman, were spotted celebrating the latter’s birthday on the 1st July episode of Atlas Horas.

Fernanda Molina is the wife of famous journalist and TV host Seringho Groisman. Born in 1974, Molina is 24 years younger than her husband.

Mrs. Molina is a dentist by profession and a loving mother by heart. Her age has been a constant topic of curiosity as she looks comparatively younger than her husband. 

The beauty is rarely seen with her famous husband, but whenever she does, it’s a treat to watch the chemistry between them.

One such instance was when Mrs. Groisman surprised everyone on an episode of Atlas Horas, which Serginho Groisman hosts.

Despite being a journalist’s wife, Fernanda stays away from the limelight and doesn’t involve herself in media interactions. As stated by her husband, she spends most of her time caring for their son.

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How old is Seringho Groisman Esposa (wife)?

Seringho Groisman is a famous journalist, news reporter and talk show host. Born on June 29, 1950, in Brazil, Groisman has hosted Atlas Horas on TV Globo for over two decades.

The presenter comes from a diverse family background. His father is from Romania, and his mother is from Warsaw, Poland. Also, his parents took refuge in Brazil due to the oppression of the Nazis.

He began his career in the 1970s by producing shows under big names such as Cartola, Gilberto Gil and Raul Seixas. He then briefly worked as a reporter for Band FM radio.

Fernanda Molina Wikipedia and Idade
Fernanda Molina and Serginho Groisman on the sets of Atlas Horas celebrating his birthday. (Source: Terra)

Besides Fernanda’s spouse’s successful professional career, he also dedicates his time to social actions at Canal Futura. Similarly, he has written books and participated in multiple theatre shows.

Talking about his personal life, Serginho and Fernanda’s marriage created quite a buzz in the media. The reason is a vast age gap between the pair.

Likewise, people say, “Age is just a number.” The series of numbers does not define who you are or what you have accomplished. Their relationship is an excellent example of how you can still have connection and compatibility despite the age difference.

The famous host got married to Fernanda Molina in 2015. Their beautiful story started when Serginho reported for a program called “Ação.”

He interviewed Fernanda, who reportedly worked with the children of riverside communities in the Amazon. They eventually fell in love with each other and started talking. The rest is history.

Before taking the vows, the couple dated for seven long years, starting in 2007. Serginho mentioned that he knew Fernanda was the one he wanted to spend his life with since their first interaction.

Serginho on working till 73, retirement and family

Fernanda Molina’s husband, Serginho Groisman, has been working for a long time. Furthermore, he does not seem to stop and is still full of charisma and enthusiasm.

During Serginho’s interview with Gshow, the host explained how there is never a dull moment on the set. Likewise, he enjoys his work passionately to this age. 

Fernanda Molina Wikipedia and Idade
Fernanda Molina makes a rare appearance with her son, Thomas (Source: ospaparazzi)

Talking about his personal life, Serginho and Fernanda have a beautiful child named Thomas. The duo was seen with their child on one of the episodes of Atlas Horas, where the baby boy stole the show with his cuteness.

In an interview with Rhoda Viva in 2020, Serginho praised how excellent and present Molina is as a mother and that they are enjoying this aspect of their life.

Not much detail has been given about Fernanda Molina, as she is a private person. But her brief appearances on the show to support his husband speaks volumes about their relationship.

We might see Molina more in the upcoming days and wish her a lifetime of happiness with Serginho Groisman.



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