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Finesse2tymes breaks the internet as he pulls off a fantastic scenario by posting his three girlfriends at this time. Who are Finesse2tymes Girlfriends?

Rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, Ricky Hampton, known by his stage name Finesse2tymes, is now signed to Atlantic Records.

He is renowned for his “thunderous voice” and songs that contain inspirational messages. On December 2, 2022, his major label debut mixtape, 90 Days, was available.

The rapper took the people on the internet by breath when he showcased all three girlfriends together.

Ever since this act, people have been wondering who Finesse2tymes girlfriends are; keep scrolling down below to learn more about it. 

Finesse2tymes Girlfriends: Rapper Takes Internet By Storm, Showcases Three Girlfriends

When Finesse2Tymes posted pictures of his three girlfriends on social media, he achieved what some guys would consider an ideal situation.

The third slide of an Instagram carousel that Finesse2Tymes posted on May 15, Monday included the three curvy women. 

In the first picture, Finesse is pictured posing by himself while wearing beige and grey clothing and holding a white plastic cup.

Then he shows us his group of curvy girlfriends, all three contently posing in pictures with their shared lover.

Finesse girlfriend
Finesse2tymes breaks the internet by posting all his girlfriends on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

The 31 years old provided his followers’ advice on mastering “the art of timing” as he concluded his message. The screenshot he shared starts with the phrase, “Never seem to be in a hurry.”

“Hurrying over time shows a lack of control over yourself. Always project patience, as if you are confident that things will work out for the best.”

Learn to spot the trends propelling you to prominence by becoming a detective at the right time. Learn to strike hard when the opportunity presents itself rather than waiting until it is fully ripe.

In the comments section of the IG post, some fans praised the Memphis artist for his finessing abilities, while others chastised him.

One fan commented, “At least he always with sisters,” while another, “Bro just got a big ass bed.” Someone called him out in a letter that read, “This generation fucked up.”

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Finesse2tymes Relationship Timeline With Erica Banks

Finesse2Tymes and Erica Banks dating rumors started in August 2022. A few days after Finesse and Moneybagg Yo signed a record deal, pictures of the two kissing appeared on Instagram.

Their quick connection stunned social media followers, but many were even more shocked by their purported breakup.

However, an image of the Memphis artist began circulating online in about a month or two. He watched in the background as a woman photographed herself in the mirror while remaining shirtless.

Finesse2tymes Girlfriend
Finesse2tymes and his ex-girlfriend Erica Banks’ short-lived relationship didn’t end well. (Source: HotNewHipHop)

The famous phrase from the rapper’s song “Back End” is what she typed in the caption: “If it ain’t [mob ties], then it’s f*ck ya.”

Even though Erica and Finesse haven’t yet discussed the famous photo, users on social media instantly noted that they no longer upload photos of one another on their sites.

In March 2023, Erica also opened up about dating Finesse2Tymes and claimed that the sex she had with the Memphis rapper wasn’t what she had in mind.

However, after his failed romance with Erica Banks, Finesse2tymes claimed he’s in relationships with three separate women, which appears true after posting them on his social media.

On Lip Service a few weeks ago, he confessed to Angela Yee, “I need to have more than one woman.

“I kind of just tossed it at them. I know one of them, or two of them, get along.” The southern star continued describing his condition, “Like this is what it is.”

Although many social media users have expressed disapproval, Finesse keeps being him.

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