Finley Boden parents

Finley Boden, a 10-month-old baby, was murdered by his parents. Who are Finley Boden parents, Shannon Marsden And Stephen Boden?

A child is a parent’s asset. However, an unimaginable crime story in which a child is killed by his own parents has shocked the entire world. 

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A mere 10-month-old kid was killed by his parents on Christmas Day in 2020, after a camping of abuse on the 10-month-old. 

After repeatedly assaulting and burning their son, the pair was to blame for what the court heard was the “savage and brutal” ****** of their son.

The 57 broken bones, 71 bruises, and two burns on Finley’s left hand—one “from a hot, flat surface” and the other maybe “from a cigarette lighter flame”—were among the injuries he sustained.

In the family’s “cluttered” and filthy terraced property in Holland Road, Old Whittington, where he slumped after cardiac arrest, feces were later discovered in the bedroom.

Let’s unfold the reason behind such horrible crime and more on the case from this article. 

Finley Boden Parents: Who Are Shannon Marsden And Stephen Boden?

Shannon Marsden And Stephen Boden are the parents of Finley Boden. The couple took their child’s life, Finley, while he was just ten months old. 

The couple used to take drugs and didn’t like taking care of the child. Shannon and Stephen were involved in many drug deals even before the ****** of Finley. 

According to testimony in court, Boden and Marsden were frequent heavy cannabis users who put their son’s care behind earning money to buy the drug.

Finley Boden parents
Finley Boden parents, Shannon Marsden And Stephen Boden. (Source: Sheffield Star)

Text messages exchanged from the couple’s ordinary cell phone were displayed in court, and jurors were informed that it wasn’t always apparent who sent each message.

The author claimed that the “little one” had “kept me up all night” in a message on December 23, 2020, to a contact saved as “Smokey J.” “I want to bounce him off the walls, Haha,” the message said. 

Finley Boden died in what should have been the safest place in the world for him—his own home, according to Det Insp. Stephen Shaw, who oversaw the Police investigation.

So, by all means, we can say that Boden and Marsden were not great parents who didn’t just take care of their child but also killed him. 

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Finley Was Removed From His Parents Life By Social Workers

Social workers from Derbyshire County Council decided to take Finley away from his Chesterfield-based parents as soon as he was born.

The legal bar in care cases was crossed since the authorities thought he would likely suffer “significant harm” at home.

They said Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden were living in filth and the stench of marijuana in their unkempt home.

Finley Boden Parents
Finley Boden was living in a filth house with his parents. (Source: Metro UK)

The terraced residence was characterized as being “very filthy” and “at times dangerous, with feces on the floor.”

Because Stephen had previously been convicted of domestic violence against an ex-partner and the Police had previously been called after an argument, the social workers also warned that there was a risk of domestic violence. 

However, the 10-month-old was returned to the custody of his drug-using parents after a Family Court was informed that they did not constitute an unacceptable risk.

But 39 days later, on Christmas Day 2020, the baby’s parents, Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden, brutally murdered the defenseless child.

He had sustained 150 wounds, including several fractures, burns, fractured bones, and bruises.

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