Fiona Phillips Weight Loss

Fiona Phillips Weight Loss has been correlated with Alzheimer’s disease. How much truth does this sentence hold? Let’s find out with this article.

Fiona Phillips is a prominent British journalist and television presenter recognized for her contributions to the media industry.

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Born in Canterbury, England, Phillips gained prominence as the main co-presenter of the popular breakfast show “GMTV” (Good Morning Television) from 1997 to 2008.

Her engaging and warm on-screen presence contributed to the program’s success.

Before her time on “GMTV,” Fiona Phillips worked as a reporter and presenter on various television programs, showcasing her versatility in journalism.

In addition to her television career, she has contributed columns to several publications, sharing her insights on various topics.

Fiona Phillips has been involved in charitable activities and has supported various causes over the years.

Her contributions to the field of journalism and broadcasting have made her a respected figure in the media industry.

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Is Fiona Phillips Weight Loss Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease?

Fiona Phillips, the British television presenter, disclosed that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2022 after experiencing symptoms like brain fog and anxiety.

She credits her early morning schedules at GMTV, where she served as a presenter for more than ten years, as a possible contributor to the advancement of the disease.

Despite a lack of clear evidence linking early morning schedules to Alzheimer’s, Fiona believes it might have played a role.

Fiona Phillips Weight Loss
TV presenter and columnist Fiona Phillips was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2022 (Source: The Telegraph)

However, it has not been revealed if her weight loss has been attributed to this disease.

In fact, Phillips has always been known to have a fit lifestyle, maintaining her physique. Sadly, the journalist could not prevent from developing Alzheimer’s.

Initially attributing her symptoms to menopause, Fiona sought help and underwent cognitive tests, leading to the Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

She revealed a family history of Alzheimer’s, with both parents, paternal grandparents, and an uncle affected by the disease.

Fiona, married to This Morning editor Martin Frizell, shared her journey, acknowledging her refusal to recognize early signs due to her family history.

Fiona emphasized her determination to continue living a fulfilling life despite the diagnosis.

She is currently part of a drug trial at University College Hospital in London, testing the drug Miridesap with the hope of slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s progression.

Fiona’s proactive approach reflects her resilience and determination to face the challenges of the disease.

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Before And After Photo Of Fiona Phillips

Even though Fiona Phillips has developed Alzheimer’s, the disease has not been the reason for her weight loss.

Likewise, no particular pictures of Fiona prove her drastic weight loss journey.

As mentioned above, the journalist has always considered her physique and maintained her lifestyle accordingly.

In her guide to looking and feeling younger in your 50s and beyond, Phillips, at 58, shares practical tips for achieving a youthful appearance from head to toe.

Fiona Phillips Weight Loss
Phillips gained prominence as the main co-presenter of the popular breakfast show Good Morning Television (Source: Yorkshire Live)

Proudly rejecting diets and daily gym workouts, she emphasizes healthy eating without deprivation and prioritizes walking, believing it’s a key factor in feeling fantastic.

To counteract age-related weight gain, Fiona suggests adopting a diet that is richer in protein and lower in refined carbohydrates once you reach the age of 50.

Stress reduction through techniques like yoga or meditation is considered beneficial for weight management, specifically around the belly.

TV presenter and columnist Fiona has followed a vegetarian diet for two decades and has acknowledged occasionally craving meat, especially during barbeque events.

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