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The Internet is taken by storm after the Florida Nursing School Scandal. What did they do? How are people reacting to it? Read on to find out. 

25 Floridians in South Florida have reportedly been prosecuted in a wire fraud operation that gave aspiring nurses illegal licenses, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Initially, only three people were arrested on suspicion of distributing fake diplomas, but they cooperated with the federal authorities and helped build the case that incarcerated twenty more people.

The fake diplomas were sold for around $15,000 each and garnered the sellers approximately $100 million over five years.

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Fortunately, the fraudulent diploma holders have not caused any harm to patients. 

Florida Nursing School Scandal: Accused Of Selling Fake Diplomas

Three schools were involved in the conspiracy; Palm Beach School of Nursing in Palm Beach County, Siena College in Broward County, and Sacred Heart International Institute in Broward County.

Twenty-five people have been found guilty at the court hearing for this case.

However, it has not been revealed whether the persons involved were faculty members of the college or students affiliated with it.

Florida Nursing School Scandal
Federal Authorities announce the arrest of people involved in Florida Nursing School Scam. (Source: Miami Herald)

As a result of the federal investigation, it has been revealed that the conspirators sold around 7600 fake diplomas.

This means that 7600 people around the country are ineligible to be in the health sector.

The prosecutors have stated that license transcripts were also sold in addition to fake diplomas.

The students who bought the fraudulent diplomas reportedly spent $114 million between 2016 and 2021. 

Public Opinion on Fake Diplomas

Residents of Florida and the rest of the United States are understandably distraught after the news.

The fact that their lives could potentially be in the hands of someone so unfit has been devastating for them.

In addition, nurses who put in the hard work for their licenses and diplomas have expressed disappointment at the availability of such fraudulent certificates. 

Florida Nursing School Scandal
One Reddit user voicing their disappointment at the scandal. (Source: Reddit)

The scandal has made its way to Reddit, wherein users have expressed disappointment and anger at how this was possible.

“This bums me out. I’m out here working hard to try and understand how to do this job and perform the best I can. While lazy, ignorant imposters buy their way into this world, endangering patients, their fellow staff, and ultimately everyone they come into contact with,” said Reddit user Mrwhiskey1814.

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Many have called this scandal “an affront to Florence Nightingale,” the founder of modern nursing.

What Is Being Done To Reduce Its Impacts?

Nursing boards in all fifty states have been notified of every student who holds a license through their fake diploma.

Federal authorities have said they will likely lose their certification. However, the students involved will not be criminally charged.

The three schools involved in the scheme have been shut down and will not be opening soon.

Florida Nursing School Scandal
The fraudulent diploma was handed out by the college. (Source:

In addition, the persons found guilty of recruiting aspiring nurses and selling them fraudulent diplomas have been sentenced to more than two years and three months.

However, the national nursing board has yet to announce any steps it will be taking to avoid this kind of scheme in the future.

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There has yet to be any talk of revising the minimum requirements for a diploma or a tighter security check on the certificates handed out.

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