Katie Cotton Net Worth

Katie Cotton Net Worth Before Death: After former Apple PR head Katie Cotton passed away on Thursday evening, April 6, 2023, people have been wanting to learn more about her income and career.

Katie is recognized as one of the most notable women in Marketing in Technology and Public Relations.

She spent most of her 18-year career working directly with Steve Jobs in her position as Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications for Apple Inc.

She was a strong and persistent proponent for the company, assisting in elevating its services and brand.

During Jobs’ second tenure as Apple’s CEO, Katie expertly oversaw the media strategy for the record run of significant products.

She created a fantastic team and significantly influenced Apple and the tech media. After retiring, she volunteered in neighborhood community organizations to promote mental health education for kids.

Katie Cotton also developed a keen interest in birdwatching and could quickly identify any bird. Additionally, she was an inspirational figure to many young girls worldwide who almost gave up on their dreams. 

Sadly, the former Apple PR head Katie Cotton passed away, leaving behind a strong legacy. Now, via this article, let’s get to know more about Katie Cotton’s net worth before her death.

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Former Apple PR Head Katie Cotton Net Worth Before Death

During her tenure at Apple, Cotton was known for her tight control of the company’s public image and her ability to keep a lid on leaks and rumors.

She played a key role in shaping Apple’s public persona and managing its relationships with the media.

She joined Apple in September 1996 and served as the company’s Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications until her departure in May 2014.

Since Katie worked with Apple, Inc. for over a decade, she must have earned a significant fortune.

Katie Cotton Net Worth
Katie Cotton alongside Steve Jobs in 2011 during the developers’ conference. (Source: Bloomberg)

The net worth of Katie Cotton is not publicly known as she has kept a low profile since leaving Apple. However, her husband’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. 

While she was a high-ranking executive at Apple and likely earned a significant salary during her tenure, her personal financial information has not been made public.

However, according to Comparably, the annual compensation of $135,500 for an Apple PR manager is made up of a $128,000 basic salary and a $7,500 bonus.

This overall pay is $51,533 higher than the PR Manager’s salary in the US. Apple’s PR managers can earn between $106,000 and $165,000 annually, plus stock of up to $100,000.

Nonetheless, Katie was a strong-headed, influential, and inspiring woman who worked with all her heart and soul. Alongside gaining work experience, she was also able to accumulate a hefty amount of sum.

How Did Katie Cotton Die? Family Details

Cotton was widely respected in the industry for her professionalism and ability to get results for her clients.

Unfortunately, the inspirational figure passed peacefully on Thursday evening, April 6, 2023, surrounded by family members and close friends.

Katie Cotton Net Worth
Katie Cotton has left an inspiring legacy behind. (Source: Apple Insider)

Apple released a statement on 10th April saying, “We’re deeply saddened by Katie Cotton’s passing.”

“Over the course of her two-decade tenure at Apple, she made innumerable contributions and was an outstanding person. All those who had the chance to work with her and her loved ones are in our thoughts.”

Katie was a loving daughter to her mother, Marie, and her father, Philip Cotton. She was married to her husband, Jim Wells, and was a doting and devoted mother of Isabelle Mimeles and Ethan.

Furthermore, Cotton was previously married to Michael Mimeles. After her untimely death, Katie’s entire family members are heartbroken, and they remember her.

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