Frances Tiafoe Health

How is Frances Tiafoe health as of 2023? Is the American tennis star sick? Find out what type of illness he has.

Frances Tiafoe debuted in the U.S. 2014 Open as a talented teenager.

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Tiafoe quickly gained the public’s attention for his incredible athleticism, powerful groundstrokes, and remarkable agility on the court.

Tiafoe climbs the ATP rankings, securing notable victories against top-ranked opponents. He is showcasing his potential to become a future Grand Slam contender.

On June 19, 2023, the Maryland native achieved his highest singles ranking of 10.

On November 1, 2021, Frances achieved his highest doubles ranking, 160.

Tiafoe became the first Sierra Leonean American to be listed in the top 10 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) on June 19, 2023.

Frances’ fans might worry about his well-being while he continues to shine bright.

Recently, the athlete opened up about his health struggles and overcoming them.

Frances Tiafoe Health 2O23: Is American Tennis Player Sick?

Three times ATP title winner Frances Tiafoe is not sick and has no terminal illness.

However, many of Tiafoe’s fans might know he sustained an elbow injury last year. The tennis star took an indefinite break from his career due to the injury.

Frances Tiafoe Health
Star tennis player Frances Tiafoe’s health has been a concern among his fans. (Image Source: Reuters)

In the wake of the highly-anticipated 2023 campaign in the Australian Open, Tiafoe said a close bond with a physical therapist assisted him in avoiding surgery.

After he sustained an elbow injury, the tennis player had to choose between surgery and physical therapy. Tiafoe said he was scared as the surgery would take around four to six months.

As reported by P.R. Newswire, the professional tennis player’s elbow injury that threatened his career was treated by MedStar Health Orthopedic Surgeon Wiemi Douoguih and Physical Therapist Lance Kelly.

Kelly helped him recover without surgery. They focused on strengthening his shoulder and neck, which were the root causes of his elbow pain.

Tiafoe improved his performance and hit his fastest serve ever after the treatment. He also developed a close relationship with Kelly, who travels with him to tournaments and motivates him to achieve his goals.

The skilled athlete had a breakthrough year in 2022, reaching the U.S. Open semifinals and beating Rafael Nadal.

Tefoe and Kelly aim for even higher success in 2023 when they hope to win Grand Slams and become the best in the world.

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Frances Tiafoe Opened Up About His Mental Health

Frances Tiafoe opened up about his mental health journey last year. He shared how he overcame his struggles with the help of therapy.

Moreover, Tiafoe’s collaboration with BetterHelp, a platform that provides online counseling.

Frances Tiafoe Health
Frances Tiafoe disclosed that growing up, he was told to shake it off and man up whenever he faced challenges, which led him to hold things in. (Image Source: Marca)

The 26-year-old learned not to let go of things hands while growing up. So, Tefoe never turned his back on new challenges in his professional career.

Frances said therapy helped him better understand himself and cope with his emotions. He also credited therapy for his improved performance at the U.S. Open 2022 semifinals against Rafael Nadal.

Furthermore, Frances stated that by sharing his story, he hopes to inspire others to care for their mental health and achieve their goals.

Nonetheless, Tiafoe does not have any terminal illness. He is healthy mentally and physically, as evidenced by his recent performances.

We wish the talented American tennis player a speedy recovery and good health.

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