Francesco Gazzella Gay

Is Francesco Gazzella gay? Find out the information regarding his pareja Tomas Gonzale.

Gazzella is a Chilean journalist and television personality who has worked for various media outlets in Chile, including CNN Chile, La Red, Emol TV, Vía X, Radio Universo, and Canal 13.

He completed his studies in journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and did his internship at CNN Chile.

In addition to his work in television, he has expressed an interest in exploring new areas and developing his career further.

Gazzella’s career started at 22, and has since worked for various media outlets in Chile.

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Is Francesco Gazzella Gay? Meet His Pareja Tomas Gonzale

No credible information is available to confirm or deny whether Francesco Gazzella gay. Respecting people’s privacy and avoiding making assumptions about their personal lives is essential.

There has been a rumor about Gazzella being in a relationship with Tomas Gonzale, which has made people concerned about his sexuality as well. 

The journalist from the morning show “Tu Día,” Francesco Gazzella, was the second host on the cooking and conversation program “La Divina Comida.”

When presenting his apartment, he took the opportunity to clarify a rumor that had arisen about his private life.

Picture of Tomás González, the national gymnast who was rumoured to be Francesco Gazzella partner.
Picture of Tomás González, the national gymnast rumored to be Francesco Gazzella’s partner. (Image Source: CNN Chile)

“This is my house, which I share with a dear friend,” Gazzella commented. He showed two woolen figures representing the roommate duo, “it’s like a hip, bald, here we are both; that’s why they think we’re a couple, but we’re friends,” he added.

The rumors arose after Francesco was featured on the cover of Las Últimas Noticias, titled “Francesco opted to rent with his friend.”

As a subtitle, it read, “It benefits us both in terms of quality of life and savings for the Canal 13 journalist.”

After Gazzella has confirmed his relationship with Tomas, we are still determining whether they are in a relationship. 

Tomas Gonzales and Francesco have not shared any pictures of themselves, which has raised some questions.

However, it is essential to confirm the information with the individuals before believing or spreading rumors about their relationship.

A Look At Francesco Instagram Presence 

Francesco Gazzella’s Instagram account has over 11,000 followers and is verified with a blue tick.

Gazzella uses his Instagram profile to update his followers about his work, as he regularly shares posts and stories about his professional life.

He is active on the platform and uses it as a tool to communicate with his audience.

His bio describes him as a journalist, TV host, and producer, and he shares photos and videos related to his work, travel, and personal life.

Francesco Gazzella recent Instagram post with a caption, "Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell"
Francesco Gazzella recent Instagram post with the caption, “Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell” (Image Source: Instagram)

His posts consist of professional and personal content, including behind-the-scenes shots from his work on TV, photos of him with colleagues and friends, and travel photos from various locations worldwide.

He also shares promotional material for his appearances on television shows and other projects he is working on.

Gazzella recently shared a post on his Instagram promoting the LAVAMAX interior service provided by @copec_cl. He was paid to advertise the service to his followers on his Instagram.

He often preferred to share his professional information and pictures regarding his projects on social media. The journalist has shared photos of him with many well-known presenters. 

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