Francisco Oropeza Age

The recent news about the Texas shooting suspect has been on trend. Find out the suspect, Francisco Oropeza age, and current update about the incident. 

An alleged gunman, Francisco Oropeza, is still at large after being accused of shooting and killing five of his neighbors, including an 8-year-old child, in San Jacinto County, Texas.

The incident began when Oropeza fired rounds from an AR-15 outside his porch, and his neighbors asked him to stop as they were trying to sleep. The suspect responded by stating that it was his property.

The victims were shot in the neck, almost execution-style, with ten people in the house. Continue reading the learn more about the incident in detail. 

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Francisco Oropeza Age: How Old Is The Texas Shooting Suspect?

Per the provided online sources, Francisco Oropeza is 39 years old, which means he was born in 1985. 

The suspect has not shared his personal information in public. But authorities described him as a Hispanic man who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. 

The suspect has a goatee and short black hair and was last seen wearing jeans, a black shirt, and work boots. Oropeza’s arrest warrant has been issued with a bond of $5 million. 

Francisco Oropeza is being sought by law enforcement in Texas in connection with a fatal shooting incident.
Francisco Oropeza is being sought by law enforcement in Texas in connection with a fatal shooting incident. (Image Source: The US Sun)

Investigators believe he may have left the area on foot or a bicycle and may still be within a two-mile radius of the crime scene.

The investigation is ongoing, so more information regarding the suspect is yet to come out. People are interested in learning about the suspect’s data and the incident’s motive.

Gilberto Hinojosa, the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, has stated that the exact motives of the suspect in the San Jacinto County shooting are still unknown.

However, he believed that someone who could commit such an evil act should not have access to weapons designed for military use.

Texas Mass Shooting: 5 People Fatally Shot

On Friday night, a search was launched for Francisco Oropeza, accused of shooting and killing five people, including an 8-year-old child, inside a home in Cleveland, Texas.

Besides five killed in the shooting, three other people were taken to the hospital covered in blood but not physically injured.

The shooting reportedly began after neighbors complained about Oropeza firing rounds from his AR-15 rifle in his yard, disturbing a baby trying to sleep.

When the neighbors asked him to stop, Oropeza allegedly retaliated by opening fire on them.

Manhunt underway for suspect in Texas shooting; 5 dead.
Manhunt underway for suspect in Texas shooting; 5 dead. (Image Source: Newsweek)

The victims were found after authorities received a harassment report. Two female victims shielded two young children in a bedroom during the shooting.

During a press conference, the victims were identified as 8-year-old Daniel Enrique Lazo Guzmán, 21-year-old Diana Velasquez Alvarado, 31-year-old Obdulia Molina Rivera, 25-year-old Sonia Argentina Guzmán Taibot, and 18-year-old Josué Jonatan Cáceres.

The suspect, who had been drinking, was captured on a doorbell camera approaching the victims’ home with his rifle. The FBI is assisting in the chase, and they consider Oropeza armed and dangerous.

There were previous reports of Oropeza firing a rifle in his yard, and he was known to shoot a .223 rifle.

Three weapons were found in Oropeza’s home, and investigators have spoken with his wife. Authorities believe that Oropeza has left the area, and a local judge has issued an arrest warrant for him.

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