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Franck Kessie religion is one of the most searched topics on the internet regarding the professional footballer. Here’s more about his faith and origin.

Franck Kessie is a professional Ivorian footballer playing for the Saudi Pro League club Al Ahli. He plays as a central or defensive midfielder and came to the Ahli team on August 9, 2023.

Kessie made headlines after signing a whopping deal worth €12.5 million with the Saudi Pro League club. Before that, he was a prominent player at Barcelona.

For the Spanish team, he appeared in 28 games and scored a goal. Furthermore, Kessie prominently played for AC Milan and netted 23 goals in 103 games.

In addition to that, he is also a national player and has already played for the Ivory Coast team in many games.

With the news of his deal with the new team, people are eager to know about his personal life.

Franck Kessie Religion: Is He Muslim?

Franck Kessie religion is trending on the internet, and fans want to know what religion the footballer follows. Many sources have said that Kessie is Muslim and he follows the Islam religion.

On the other hand, some online portals have also said that Kessie is a devoured Christian.

However, there is no truth about it. His religion has become a discussion among his followers.

Franck Kessie Religion
Franck Kessie is reported to be Muslim, and his religion has been discussed among his followers for a long time. (Source: TikTok)

Many TikTok videos have also been created and shared where they have talked about Kessie’s faith.

Some said Franck is not Muslim, but other users shared photos of the footballer wearing Muslim dresses.

Furthermore, his Instagram followers have also said that Kessies’ facial hair is related to the Islamic religion. 

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Franck Kessie Ethnicity And Origin

Franck Kessie was born in Ouragahio, Ivory Coast. So, he holds Ivorian nationality and belongs to the African ethnicity. He is originally from Ouragahio.

For your information, Ouragahio is a beautiful town in south-central Ivory Coast. Apart from that, an online source said that his family has significant ties in the West African country.

Franck Kessie Ethnicity
Franck Kessie was born in Ouragahio, Ivory Coast, and he belongs to an African ethnic background. (Source: Instagram)

Further information regarding his early life remains unknown as the professional footballer has not said much about it to the media.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Kessie was interested in sports from a young age and wanted to pursue a career as a professional football player.

Explore Franck Kessie Family Life

Franck Kessie was born in an African family background on December 19, 1996, as Franck Yannick Kessié.

Kessie is very private about his life and does not discuss his matters with the media.

Due to that, the names of Kessie’s parents remain unclear. Meanwhile, some online portals have claimed that Adjedje Nathalie is the biological mother of Kessie.

But it has not been confirmed yet. Apart from that, his father, whose name remains missing, was also a professional footballer in his youth.

Franck Kessie
Franck Kessie posted a photo with his partner Sira Kessie on his Instagram handle. (Source: Instagram)

Later, he was enlisted in the Ivorian army and gave service. The Kessie family faced a tragic loss when his dad died due to an illness.

One of Francks’ goal celebrations is a military salute. So, it is a tribute to his father, which he often performs after scoring a goal. 

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