Franco Harris Son

Franco “Dok” Harris is Franco Harris son, whom he shares with his wife, Dana Dokmanovich. Dok holds a bachelor’s degree in politics from Princeton University.

Franco Harris was an American four-time Super Bowl winner football player. He played for the NFL teams Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks.

The Pennyslyvia State University graduate played his 12 years with Pittsburgh Steelers and his 13th year or final year with the Seahawks.

The Steelers drafted the 1976 NFL Man of the Year in the first round of the 1972 NFL draft.

Sadly, the versatile player is no more with us. The 1990 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee passed away Today (on 21 December 2022).

Franco Harris son, Franco “Dok” Harris, shared the tragic news with the Associated Press. In today’s article, let’s get to know the renowned footballer’s family, including his wife and children.

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Who Is Franco Harris Son, Franco “Dok” Harris?

Franco “Dok” Harris is the only child of the former football player and his wife, Danan Dokmanovich.

As the only child of his parents, Dok must have grown up surrounded by all the love of his parent. The late athlete’s baby boy has grown up and is leading his life independently.

Franco Harris Son
Franco Harris’ son, Dok Harris, whom he shares with his long-time wife, Dana. (Image Source: Pittsburgh Magazine)

Franco Harris’ son started kindergarten at the former St. Peter’s and then attended Sewickley Academy, where he competed on the tennis and wrestling varsity teams.

Following that, he enrolled at Princeton University as an undergraduate with a politics major.

After that, he enrolled in the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburgh School of Law.

Having earned his degree in politics, Dok decided to pursue his career in the same field. His parents must have supported his choice unconditionally.

Franco’s son officially declared his Campaign for mayor of the City of Pittsburgh on July 27, 2009.

The veteran footballer and his wife, Dana, joined his son’s election Campaign in Pittsburgh.

Meet Franco Harris Wife Dana Dokmanovich

As mentioned above, the legendary athlete was married to his wife, Dana Dokmanovich.

Although the pair preferred to keep their marriage details to themselves, we can be assured that they were together for a few decades.

They were married until the former professional footballer’s death. Franco Harris’ son informed the Associated Press today that he died overnight.

The reason for his death has not been disclosed. He seems to have passed away surrounded by his beloved family. We wish the Harris family strength to cope with the tragic loss.

Days before the Steelers were set to retire his No. 32 jersey and commemorate the “Immaculate Reception’s” 50th anniversary at Pittsburgh’s Pittsburgh Stadium, Harris passed away.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin discussed Harris’ miraculous catch.

Franco Harris Death Cause
Franco Harris was survived by his wife, Dana Dokmanovich, and his son, Dok. (Source: Businessindisder)

Franco Harris Childhood

His parents – Cad Harris and Gina Harris -welcomed Franco Harris on 7 March 1950 in Fort Dix, New Jersey.

His Father reportedly served in the second World War and was stationed in Italy during the days of the war. On the other hand, his mom Gina Parenti Harri was an Italian who became a war bride.

Franco’s mother moved to the United States with his dad when the war ended.

As for his educational background, Franco Harris attended Rancocas Valley Regional High School and graduated in 1968.

Afterward, he enrolled at Penn State University and played for the institution’s men’s football team, Nittany Lions.

Franco Harris’ journey was glorious from his collegiate to a professional career. In essence, we wish the skilled footballer peace wherever he is.

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