Frankie Hough Accident news has left everyone sad as the pregnant mum was involved in a deadly crash on the M66, leaving her two sons and nephew seriously hurt.

Frankie Hough is a British woman who was recently involved in a deadly accident that left her injured seriously. Meanwhile, she is said to be 18 weeks pregnant. She suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident and is fighting for her life in intensive care.

Further, Hough was involved in the crash on the M66 in Bury, Lancashire, on Saturday afternoon. Moreover, Hough was not only the one in the accident, as she was with her two kids and nephew.

All of them were rushed to hospital by air ambulance in a serious condition. So, her best friend has started a fundraiser on GoFundMe on behalf of Frankie’s family.

Pregnant Mum Frankie Hough Accident Details

Frankie Hough is a pregnant mother who was involved in an accident on Sunday afternoon. She and her two kids and a nephew were traveling along the motorway when they were involved in a deadly smash.

Following that, Police arrested a man named Adil Iqbal from Accrington at the scene. Iqbal was arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Frankie Hough Accident
Frankie Hough was involved in a deadly accident on M66, leaving herself injured seriously. (Source: The Mirror)

As mentioned earlier, Frankie and her two kids and nephew were transported to the hospital via air ambulance. Following the accident, fundraisers have started, and friends are asking for public members to support them in any way they can.

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Frankie Hough Injury With Nephew And Sons

As we said earlier, Frankie Hough was not only the person injured in the accident, as she was with her two sons, named Tommy and Rocky and a nephew named Tobias was also hurt seriously.

According to the GoFundMe page, Frankie’s elder son and nephew are in a coma in intensive care. All of the family members are awaiting brain scan updates. 

Frankie kid
Frankie Hough was involved in an accident along with her two kids and nephew. (Source: Facebook)

The accident happened in M66, and following the accident, M66 was closed for several hours on Saturday afternoon to allow emergency services to cure Frankie and her family and for investigation work to begin.

So, more details regarding Hough’s accident news may get updated, and the family may surely share news soon. As of now, all of them are asking for prayers.

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Frankie Hough M66 Accident Update

The recent M66 accident update of Frankie Hough has said that all the injured people are in intensive care, and the family is waiting for more reports.

As said earlier, GoFundMe has been set up, and more than 21,000 pounds have already been collected, but they aim to raise at least 30,000 pounds.

Due to the deadly accident, Hough faced intense injuries, and others were also in critical condition. So, family and friends are reportedly asking for help from the public, and they are also asking to keep them in their prayers.

Frankie Hough M66 Accident
Frankie Hough is receiving support from people following her accident. (Source: Facebook)

Following that, people on social media have been wishing for a speedy recovery. On the other hand, the person who smashed them has already been arrested, and his name is Adil Iqbal.

Iqbal is charged with three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Moreover, Adil is due to appear before magistrates in Manchester on May 15. 

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