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Funny Mike Arrested: Everyone has been asking multiple questions regarding Mike’s arrest, and here’s the fact you should know.

MacArthur Johnson, aka Funny Mike, is a renowned YouTuber, comedian, and rapper. His channels feature a range of comedy content, including pranks and challenges.

He has been active on YouTube since May 2, 2016, and has come a long way. Due to his videos, Funny Mike has been able to garner over 8.59 million subscribers on his channel.

Likewise, Mike made multiple appearances on the popular sketch comedy series named Wild’ N Out in 2019. Furthermore, Mike often gets into controversy due to multiple reasons, and currently, everyone has been asking questions regarding his arrest.

Funny Mike Arrested and Charged With Murder

Funny Mike is in the limelight as everyone is eager to know if the YouTuber was arrested. The news is from the year 2016, as he was reportedly arrested and charged with murder.

Mike and two others were outside a supermarket in Baker, Louisiana, on May 3, 2016, when they encountered a man named Richard Phillips, who was passing out Party fliers in the parking lot.

Funny Mike Arrested
Funny Mike was arrested in 2016 and charged with the murder of Richard Phillips. ( Source: Instagram )

It’s not clear exactly what they started arguing over, but the situation ended with Mike allegedly shooting Phillips in the chest. Later, it was said that Phillips later died of his injuries.

Due to that, Mike was arrested later that day along with the car’s two other passengers. After that, he was charged with second-degree murder, obstruction of justice, and illegal use of a weapon. 

Reportedly, Mike admitted to shooting the victim, claiming it was self-defense. 

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Is The YouTuber Funny Mike In Jail?

As of now, Funny Mike is not in jail, but the topic arose from his past case as he was charged with murder. As we know, he shot a man who died. Later, he admitted to shooting to defend himself.

However, Mike’s account did not match up with the video footage that which Police had. His bond was set at $370,000. After that, it was said that Mike was out on bond, and more details have not been shared since he was released.

funny mike mugshot
The mugshot of Funny Mike was shared by the Baker Police Department. ( Source: WAFB )

So, everyone has been asking about this case, and it now becomes clear that Mike getting detained news is from 2016, and it seems like the case has been dropped.

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Where Is Funny Mike Now?

Funny Mike is now busy with his life, and he makes regular posts on his Instagram page, where we can find him as @funnymike. He is also recognized as Young 22 and 22 Savage.

In the past, Mike was mainly famous for these names, and during that time, he was also arrested in a murder-related case. 

Reportedly, Mike’s mugshot was also released, but it can’t be found as the Police department has already taken it down. Mike said he shot the man to defend himself.

Funny Mike Now
Funny Mike shared a photo with his friends on his Instagram handle. ( Source: Instagram )

According to the report, they had prepared to claim that Phillips was armed, but one of the vehicle’s other passengers later rejected it after Police showed that surveillance tape did not reveal a weapon on him. Now, all the case seems to have been dropped.

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