Gab Chee Kee Illness

People want to know about Gab Chee Kee illness. Gabriel one of the members of the Filipino band Parokya ni Edgar a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.

One of the four Parokya ni Edgar members, Chee Kee, whose parents were both educators, attended Ateneo de Manila University from elementary through high school.

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Chee Kee married Apple Umali, a former model for FHM Philippines, in 2003. They parted ways in 2010 at some point.

The sleeper hit song “Your Song (My One and Only You)” by Parokya ni Edgar, which is included in the album Bigotilyo’s track listing, was written and features lead vocals by Chee Kee.

Gab Chee Kee Illness: Gab Chee Kee Battled With Lymphoma

Talking about Gab Chee Kee Illness, Frontman Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar disclosed that guitarist Gab Chee Kee had a Lymphoma diagnosis in the latter part of last year.

Gab won’t be able to perform live with the band, according to Chito’s Facebook post, because he needs treatment.

“Gab must receive medical attention and won’t be able to play until he fully recovers. Gab is the band’s beating heart, therefore, when he’s absent, it doesn’t sound like Parokya “he says.

Gab Chee Kee Illness
Gab Chee Kee Illness. (Source: Fandom)

According to Chito, Gab has been receiving chemotherapy for the previous few months.

He added that the band had resolved not to perform live anymore until Gab had been cleared but that the guitarist had begged them to carry on without him.

Gab has been intubated for more than a week, according to Chito, and has been moved to the intensive care unit.

But Is Filipino Guitarist Gab Chee Kee Sick Now? Health Update

The popular Filipino band Parokya ni Edgar’s guitarist is taken to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The frontman of Parokya ni Edgar, Chito Miranda, said on Wednesday, that the band’s guitarist, Gab Chee Kee, is battling lymphoma-induced pneumonia in the ICU.

Last year, Gab received a lymphoma diagnosis. Miranda asserts that Gab decided to play for Parokya despite having a diagnosis.

Gab Chee Kee Illness
Gab Chee Kee in ICU. (Source: ABS-CBN News)

After the physicians recommended he stop performing and relax, Kee eventually stopped.

The guitarist persuaded them to go on with their plans despite Chito’s initial opposition to continuing their shows without Gab.

The artist further disclosed that Gab was sent to the intensive care unit because his condition had already gotten worse.

The PNE vocalist took use of the chance to beg for financial assistance from friends and fans to help cover Chee Kee’s skyrocketing medical expenditures as the band gets ready to plan benefit concerts for its guitarist.

More Details on Gab Chee Kee

Chee Kee’s lymphoma difficulties, according to Miranda, were causing the guitarist’s pneumonia and his transfer to the intensive care unit (ICU), where he had been intubated for more than a week.

Chee Kee was “financially prepared” for the treatment, he continued, but the guitarist’s family need assistance with the “huge” hospital expenditures.

According to Miranda, his bandmate was originally hesitant to ask for help, but his family, friends, and fellow musicians persuaded him to do so so that he wouldn’t “deny the people who cared for him, the opportunity to help him out.”

The Parokya ni Edgar singer revealed that although he had initially requested that they not perform while Chee Kee was recovering, the guitarist had persuaded them to carry on.

One of the Parokya ni Edgar’s most well-known songs, “Your Song,” also known as “One and Only You,” was written and performed by Gab, a founding member of the group.

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