Gabriel Labelle Age

Gabriel Labelle is a young and upcoming Canadian-American actor best known for his critically acclaimed role in Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmens.”

What is Gabriel Labelle’s age? Many fans and admirers must be curious to know the age of the Steven Spielberg protegee. Labelle is around 19-20 years old.

Labelle was last seen in the TV adaptation of the 80s crime drama “American Gigolo.” He played the younger version of Jon Bernthal’s character, Julian Kaye.

The talented actor made his television debut as a guest on an episode of the Canadian show “Motive” in 2013.

Gabriel Labelle Age: The American Gigolo Star Had No Idea He Was Starring In A Steven Spielberg Movie

Gabriel is a young actor who is nearly at the end of his teenage years. According to the actor’s Wikipedia page, Labelle was born around 2002/03, making him around 19-20

Gabriel Labelle
Gabriel Labelle at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2022. Source: My San Antonio

Earlier, Gabrielle had the looks of a teenage boy. However, as puberty hit, the “American Gigolo” actor grew some facial hair and transitioned into adulthood.

The Canadian actor started his acting career when he was around 11.

In the movie “The Fabelmens,” Labelle portrayed the teenage version of Spielberg. Similarly, in his latest show, “American Gigolo,” he plays the young version of the protagonist, Julian Kaye, or “Johnny.”

In March 2021, Labelle, a teenager from Vancouver, taped an audition for an “Untitled Amblin Film” and sent it without thinking much. He had no idea who was directing the film at the time.

After a few days, he started hearing rumors that it would not only be directed by Steven Spielberg but also be loosely based on the director’s life and experiences.

Initially, during auditions, Labelle thought that he was supposed to play the teenage version of the character and that he would have just a few minutes on screen. However, after landing the role, he learned that his role in the movie was pretty substantial.

The young actor was starstruck and intimidated after getting his first big break. He said, “After I got cast, it was like: Did I just bite off more than I can chew.”

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Gabriel Labelle’s Parents: His Father Is Also An Actor

Gabriel Labelle, nicknamed Gabe, was born to Rob Labelle and Megan Labelle in Vancouver, Canada.

Gabriel Labelle Age
Gabriel Labelle’s Father, Rob Labelle, is a seasoned actor, director, and producer. (Source: Tell Tale TV)

His Father, Rob Labelle, is an actor, director, and producer from Minnesota, USA. Rob has appeared in a dozen of movies and TV shows. He was most notable for his recurring role as Crazy Eddie in the 1998 sci-fiction show “First Wave.”

Interestingly, the actor’s Father has played three guest roles on Star Trek: Voyager.

His most recent role was in the ABC drama series “A Million Little Things” as Gene.

We don’t know much about his mother, Megan, as the entire family has kept their personal lives away from social media. However, the Labelle parents and the actor’s brother came to support him at the premiere of “The Fabelmans.”

The family currently lives in Ambleside, West Vancouver.

The Fabelmans Actor Gabriel Labelle Girlfriend

Gabriel Labelle has neither disclosed his relationship status nor has been linked with anyone. However, since the actor is pretty young, we can assume he is most likely single.

Gabriel labelle Age
American Gigolo actor Gabriel Labelle talked about his experience working with Steven Spielberg in an interview with the Wrap. Source: The Wrap

The 19-year-old is not present on any social media platforms. During interviews, too, he mostly talks about his work experiences and does not share much personal information.

Therefore, it isn’t easy to verify his current relationship status. The actor is very sincere and dedicated to his craft; hence, he most likely does not have time to date.

Although the actor is relatively young, he already has many acting credits. His other work of bodies includes “Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)”, “The Predator (2018)”, “Dead Shack (2017)”, “Max 2: White House Hero” and “iZombie (2015).”

Gabriel Labelle Net Worth And Salary: How Much Does He Earn?

American Gigolo actor Gabriel Labelle is estimated to be worth $500,000.

The exact amount of Gigolo’s salary and other remunerations remain undisclosed.

Gabriel Labelle Age
In the movie “The Fabelmens,” Gabriel Labelle portrays the fictionalized version of young Spielberg. Source: News Nine

Before “The Fabelmens,” Gabe was primarily seen in recurring or supporting roles. However, after his big break in the Steven Spielberg movie, the actor has gained more recognition and interest from filmmakers. 

His Father, Rob Labelle, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million after being in the movie industry for nearly two decades. mentioned Labelle in their “10 Star-making performances at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF’22).”

The Canadian will next star in an upcoming age of comedy film, “The Snack Shack.”

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