Gangsta Boo pregnant before death

Unfortunately, the late Gangsta Boo, 43, recently passed away on 1 January 2023. Her fans wanted to know if the Memphis rapper was pregnant before her death. Was Gangsta Boo Pregnant before death, or is it just a hoax? 

Boo was a famous rapper. She rose to fame after joining the popular hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia. 

The rapper was among the rapping community’s most influential and successful female personalities. 

Fans of the genre have always praised her for adding a unique acting style to demonstrate certain emotions in her rap music. 

Gangsta Boo made her debut with her first solo album, Enquiring Minds. She released her debut album in 1998.

Enquiring Minds ranked #15 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and reached number 46 on the Billboard 200. Her album’s song Where Dem Dollas At! became popular in the country. 

The late female rapper helped offer a new perspective to the rapping community, allowing more female artists to find representation in the genre. 

Moreover, she has worked and collaborated with notable artists in the last two decades, including Lil Jon, Blood Orange, TI, Run the Jewels, Outkast, E-40, Junglepussy, Yelawolf, Gucci Mane, and Latto. 

Yes, the late rapper had plans to release a new project in 2023. Unfortunately, her work needed to be completed. 

A few legit sources claim that female rapper Gangsta Boo’s net worth was $2 million at her death. She amassed her wealth by being successful in rap music. 

Now, shifting our attention back to the late female rapper’s death — Gangsta Boo was found dead on 1 January 2023 due to a suspected overdose.

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Was Gangsta Boo Pregnant Before Death?

Three 6 Mafia rapper Gangsta Boo passed away on this new year’s day after a suspected overdose.

However, her no real pregnancy news was confirmed. Hence, her pregnancy news could be a hoax. 

Gangsta Boo death
Known female Rapper Gangsta Boo died on 2023 new year’s day. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

The lady rapper died on new year’s day, so her friends and family must have shattered and could find themselves lonely this year. 

The late female rapper faced an untimely death due to a suspected overdose, which took her life.

She was active in the rapping field before her death. Gangsta Boo even revealed plans to release her new projects in 2023.

However, she was found dead on 1 January, never completing her 2023 project.

Three 6 Mafia rapper was originally known as Lola Mitchell. She became famous by her stage name Gangsta Boo. 

Although her professional life was an open book, an inevitable part of Gangsta Boo’s personal life remained behind the curtains. She enjoyed her privacy.

Unfortunately, a potential overdose of a fentanyl-laced substance took her life early. Perhaps, the successful female rapper might have battled for an undisclosed cause. 

Unfortunately, her management team has not confirmed Gangsta Boo’s cause of death. Also, her close ones want to maintain privacy at this difficult time. 

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Meet Gangsta Boo’s Husband, Emmet Flores, And Kids

Known lady rapper Gangsta Boo, 43, passed away on 1 January 2023. Her death shocked the entire rap music industry. Reportedly, she died of a potential substance overdose.

Gangsta Boo family
Gangsta Boo family. (Source: Variety)

Gangsta Boo’s fans, friends, and close ones shared their heartbroken feelings on social media platforms. They posted a series of heartfelt posts, grieving for her untimely loss.

Famous artist Drake posted a memorial saying:

Rest in heaven rocking star (referring to Gangsta Boo).

Three 6 Mafia lady rapper Gangsta Boo was in a relationship with fellow rapper Emmet Flores. But she was never married to him. 

Gangsta Boo’s marital status was single, and the lady rapper died marrying no one. 

Moreover, she mothered no children. No information regarding her known children has been confirmed. 

The American lady rapper was born Lola Chantrelle Mitchell on 7 August 1979 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Memphis-based rapper released her debut album, Enquiring Minds, in 1998.

The late female rapper helped offer a new perspective allowing more female artists to find representation in the genre. Gangsta Boo’s fans and close ones are grieving her loss at the moment. 

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