Gareth Richards

Rumors about Gareth Richards ***** news are getting viral and spreading in social media as wildfire after Frank Skinner talked about his accident with Gareth in the show.

Fans are worried, and shockwaves are blowing up the netizens following the news broken by Frank Skinner when he revealed his former co-host is fighting for his life.

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People are worried and are rapidly searching for Gareth Richards ***** news to confirm if the rumor has truth or just a hoax.

When Franks’s radio program came to a close, he fought back the tears as the host announced that his former co-host Gareth Richards had been involved in a very severe traffic accident.

The 66-year-old comic stumbled over his words on his Saturday Absolute radio program when he said that following his friend’s incident this week is not looking great.

On Saturday, an emotional Skinner admitted to the audience that he did not want to do the concert without bringing up Richards.

Furthermore, the host stated that in his line of work, one has to put up a false front, and the show must go on despite the unfortunate events in the morning.

Gareth Richards *****

Rumors about Gareth Richards ***** are going viral, and fans are shocked to hear such a rumor on social media.

Fortunately, the rumor about Gareth Richards ***** is false as the concerned authorities have confirmed no information regarding such a fragile topic.

A comedian, Richards was involved in a major accident on the M25 near Heathrow airport.

It is thought that a lorry and two additional automobiles were involved in the collision between Junctions 14 and 15, which caused the motorway to be closed for ten hours.

According to Surrey Live, a guy had to be cut free from his car before being transferred to a major trauma center. The injuries to the car’s driver have been classified as life-threatening, the Metropolitan police stated during an interview.

Gareth Richards ***** news.
Gareth Richards is in critical condition after his accident. (Source: PKBNews )

When Skinner’s Absolute Radio program debuted in 2009, Richards co-hosted it with Skinner and Emily Dean.

For two years, comedian Gareth co-hosted Frank’s show; he has since continued to guest on the radio program. The host also accompanied Frank on his tours in 2014 and 2020.

Meanwhile, Gareth has appeared on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 4 in addition to Russell Howard’s Good News.

When Gareth appeared for a photo at the radio station in 2018, and the logo could be seen behind the comedian in the picture, he bragged about being a part of Frank’s radio show.

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Gareth Richards Health Update

There has been not much information in the media regarding Gareth Richards’s health condition after Frank Skinner revealed the accident.

The source claims Gareth Richards was hurt in a vehicle collision. He has been fighting for his life at a hospital ever since.

Frank Skinner, who broke down in tears while disclosing that Gareth Richards was engaged in a major traffic accident, verified the news of the accident on Monday. Everyone was astonished and shocked when the presenter announced this news while breaking down in tears.

Frank Skinner
Frank Skinner gives Gareth Richards’s health update following the accident. (Source: Sky)

Frank also appealed to the listeners of his show to pray for Gareth this week. Skinner further added that he was not going to pretend as if the accident was bad and there is always hope.

Also, Skinner’s former co-host is now fighting each second of his life in a coma and being admitted to the intensive care unit after a three-car road accident.

A guy was reportedly cut free from his car on the M25 and treated for chest and head injuries by the London Ambulance Service after the rescue and firemen team arrived on the scene quickly. The victim was thereafter taken urgently to a significant trauma facility.

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