Gemma Atkinson Weight Gain

Gemma Atkinson’s journey to gain weight has been lovely as she prepares to become a mother for the second time.

Gemma Atkinson is one hard-working UK celebrity you can always rely on for open and unpretentious insights into their healthy lifestyle.

Many people adore the Manchester-based broadcaster, fitness enthusiast, and mother of one, as evidenced by the fact that she has appeared on the cover of WH twice.

The scales are a blunt tool for tracking one’s progress toward your fitness and wellness goals, and Gemma’s candor was no exception. She shared her own recent experience with them.

Gemma Atkinson Weight Gain Reason Revealed

Gemma Atkinson admitted to gaining weight to her 1.7 million followers after finding out her weight before Christmas was 70.6kg.

She revealed that her poorly enforced routine and daily sugar snacks made her feel sluggish and that she was definitely “softer” than usual. On December 29, she resumed her fitness and nutrition goals as per her customary post-Christmas kickstart.

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Gemma practices healthy eating, daily exercise, drinking lots of water, and other good habits. She has been swamped but has more energy and better sleep than she did over the holidays. She acknowledged that she’s not as “soft” as she was around Christmas.

How Did Gemma Atkinson Lose Weight? Before And After

She has undergone a complete transformation in just 12 weeks in terms of appearance and mood.

Gemma Atkinson 12wk transformation
Gemma Atkinson before and after weight loss transformation. (Source: ultimateperformance)

After completing her 12-week customized plan at UP, Gemma claims she is more robust in the gym, her body is leaner and more shapely than ever, and she feels content, confident, and healthy. She could reduce her body fat to a lean 11% and go from 72 kg to 68.9 kg thanks to her personalized exercise and diet plan.

Her body was shaped the way she wanted it after just 180 minutes of weight training in the gym, and thousands of women who read her blog have seen firsthand how practical weight training is at removing fat, toning muscles, and building strength.

After 12 weeks, Gemma sat down with UP to discuss how she transformed herself and her journey to get in shape for the BBC program “Strictly Come Dancing.”

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She admitted that she had previously run for the Manchester Girls, dabbled in martial arts, and then engaged in Thai boxing and exercise.

Gemma Atkinson Is Pregnant With Her 2nd Child

In a recent announcement, Gemma Atkinson said she was expecting her second child with Gorka Marquez. Fans and friends of celebrities have flocked to congratulate Gorka and Gemma on the news.

Gemma Atkinson pregnant
Gemma Atkinson of Strictly announces her pregnancy and provides emotional confirmation of the baby’s gender and due date. (Source:

The Actress announced their impending pregnancy on social media. The baby boy is due later this year. Gemma remarked that their three-year-old daughter Mia is “thrilled” about the news and made a joke about their son being called “Barbie” if their daughter had her way.

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Four years after they first met on Strictly Come Dancing, Gemma and dancer Gorka got engaged in February 2021. On July 4, 2019, they had their first child, Mia.

Due to their busy schedules, Gemma revealed last year that she had decided to try for a second child rather than get married to Gorka.

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