Georgia Bridgers

Is Georgia Bridgers Related To Phoebe Bridgers? Georgia video on Twitter has made everyone wonder if they are sisters. 

Georgia Bridgers is a youtube star and a social media influencer known for posting confessional-style videos to her YouTube. 

Mass people follow her on Instagram, and the number of subscribers she has on her Youtube channel is huge. Apart from that, she is also popular for the singing, dancing, and humorous content she posts on her youtube channel. 

Georgia created her first Youtube video in 2016, and since then, she has been known for her amazing content and the videos she creates. 

On the other side, Phoebe Bridgers is an American singer and songwriter who received four-time Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist.

Moreover, Phoebe started her music career as a youth and was also a member of Sloppy Jane. In 2017 Phoebe released her first solo album, Stranger in the Alps, officially debuting her singing career. 

Apart from her music career, she is also associated with American progressivism. And fans adore her for supporting different issues in 2020; Bridgers supported and encouraged donations to racial justice charities via her website. 

Is Georgia Bridgers Related To Phoebe Bridgers? Are They Sisters?

Georgia Bridgers related to Phoebe Bridgers is the most asked query on the internet, and people have always remained curious to know their relation. 

The internet is flooded with queries as many think they are real sisters. The fact is, this has never been confirmed that Georgia and Phoebe are sisters. 

However, Georgia once posted a video on her Twitter account where she shared that Phoebe and she is a relative, and they are best friends, and Phoebe is her older sister. 

Similarly, she also said that she never confessed it online to people because she wanted to be in the limelight of her own popularity, and people wanted her to know her as Georgia Bridgers, not by Phoebe Bridgers’s sisters. 

Georgia Bridgers Related To Phoebe Bridgers
Georgia Bridgers talks about her and Phoebe Bridgers’s relationship. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, many mixed comments have been passed by the fans. Many of them don’t believe her and have commented on the video. Phoebe has never confirmed that the two are sisters or relatives. 

Similalry, the video might have been made with the purpose of the joke as people know the family trees of Phoebe, and we can explore her bio on Wikipedia, including family details. 

Both of the Bridgers come from different families and have different family roots, so they might not be sisters by blood but might have some relations, which is creating a huge confusion for the fans.

If the official details are updated, we can only confirm Georgia and Phoebe as sisters by having the same surname.

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Details On Georgia Bridgers Family Tree

Georgia Bridgers was born on July 26, 1998, in the United States of America. Her mother’s name is Holly Bridges, but her biological father’s details still need to be added to the online sources. 

Besides, she has a sister named Hope and a step-sister, Sabrina and Kelsey. Not much about Bridgers’s family is known, as she has kept it confidential. 

Georgia Bridgers
Georgia Bridgers with her sister, Hope. (Source: Instagram)

While talking about Phoebe’s family, she was born on August 17, 1994, and raised by her parents, Jamie and Tony Bridgers, in Pasadena, California. Later, her parents divorced when Phoebe was 19 years old. 

Phoebe has a brother named Jackson. The siblings also spent some of her childhood in Ukiah, California. She started singing and playing guitar in her teenage. 

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