Gerard Leclerc

Gerard Leclerc’s unexpected sudden death has made fans curious about his personal life and looking back at the legacy of Gerard Leclerc Parents. Learn why fans think his death was not ‘accidental.’

The 1978-born Gerard Leclerc was a television and radio journalist widely known for his works in Radio Europe 1 as an editor and a reporter.

After being in Europe for seven years, he moved to RMC. In January 1985, he started leading the economic department at RMC. He also began hosting the morning show on Radio Classique.

Moreover, he became the chairman of LCP – National Assembly, the TV channel of the National Assembly. He also worked as a political columnist on CNews.

Sadly, Gerard was in the headlines of the news companies he worked in when he died in an unfortunate Plane crash that he was piloting himself.

According to ‘France Bleu Loire Océan,’ debris, a wheel, and part of the registration was found in canals.

“The plane was submerged several meters in an area subject to very strong currents, and in which visibility for divers is almost zero,” the Saint-Nazaire prosecution said.

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Gerard Leclerc Parents: Family Reaction To This Unfortunate News?

Leclerc’s family and friends were deeply shocked and saddened when they found out about his death. He has a brother, Jean-Noël, and three sisters, Sylvie, Christine, and Marianne.

Through his father, he is the half-brother of Julien Clerc, who is a famous French singer and composer.

He is married to another famous French Tv show Personality Julie Leclerc. This couple has three children: Charlotte Leclerc, Antoine Leclerc, and Mathieu Leclerc.

Gerard Leclerc Parents
Gerard Leclerc with his family. (Source: Instagram)

The wonderful and big family started when Gerard Leclerc parents, Paul Leclerc and Ghislaine Tery, married on October 6, 1949. Paul had a big job at UNESCO as a senior official, and Ghislaine enjoyed making music.

Gerard Leclerc has many of his relatives in the public eye, which made all of their reactions very important after the news of LeClerc’s death broke.

One of Leclerc’s relatives said in a tweet that “We are just now trying to process the news of our beloved brother, why can’t the media leave us alone and give us some time to grieve”.

Although the sudden death caused a lot of heartache in Leclerc’s family, Gerard Leclerc parents were not alive to have witnessed this unfortunate news.

While alive, Gerard Leclerc would occasionally express his gratitude towards his parents for making him who he was.

He acknowledged that if Paul Leclerc and Ghislaine Tery were not Gerard Leclerc parents, he would never have become this successful.

As a child, his father being a UNESCO official, was very interesting to him. Gerard would become curious about what his father dealt with in his job.

Gerard’s admiration and curiosity about his father’s job became the stepping stone for his future career.

As a kid, he started becoming aware of politics when many others his age would be playing in the fields, and he would open his TV and wait for upcoming news.

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Fans Speculate Something Off About Gerard Leclerc’s Plane Crash

After the sudden plane crash with killed the famous reporter, people started speculating that his death could’ve been ‘Unaccidental.’

Gerard Leclerc Plane Crash
The private place that crashed caused the loss of life of Gerard Leclerc (Source: Aerotime News)

Gerard as a famous reporter, had his fair share of enemies, from political leaders to high-profile businessmen.

Many people might’ve been pissed when the reporter revealed things about them that shouldn’t have been revealed.

His followers believe there hasn’t been a proper investigation by the airline company or any other organization.

They blame certain high-level people for having paid the organizations not to open the can of worms.

Although the lost life cannot be returned, his fans actively demand a thorough investigation of the plane crash that took Gerard Leclerc’s life.

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