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Gertraud Weisker is a woman from German who came into the spotlight as the cousin of Eva Hitler, a late German photographer. Eva was also the longtime companion and briefly the wife of Adolf Hitler.

Eva and Adolf met each other when she was a 17-year-old assistant and model for his personal photographer named, Heinrich Hoffmann. 

Furthermore, Eva started seeing Hitler often about two years later but attempted suicide twice during their early relationship.

Being one of the family members of Eva, Gertraud also came into the spotlight, and people are searching for her 2023 update. 

Gertraud Weisker Wikipedia and Alter

Gertraud Weisker is famous as the cousin of Eva Hitler, a late German photographer. There is very less info about Weisker’s birth details, but we can say that she alter (age) is above 70.

She reportedly lives on the outskirts of Heidelberg. Once, Weisker talked about her bond with Eva and also opened up about Eva’s love for Hitler.

It is reported that Weisker was twenty years old when her older cousin Eva invited her to come and keep her Company at Berchtesgaden.

Gertraud Weisker wikipedia
Gertraud Weisker is famous for being Eva Hitler’s cousin, telling her relationship with Hitler. ( Source: IMDb )

So, Weisker went, fighting her anti-Nazi Father, and stayed until Eva left to share Hitler’s destiny in his Berlin bunker. After the war, Weisker’s husband banned her from talking about her connection to Eva, and so she kept quiet for over fifty years.

Moreover, she remained silent until her husband’s passing. She told her story to Sybille Knauss, who used it to create a novel based on Weisker’s memories.

Furthermore, we can see Gertraud’s appearance in The Hidden F├╝hrer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler’s Sexuality, Kulturzeit, Hitlers Frauen, and Adolf & Eva. 

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Eva Hitler Cousin Gertraud Weisker Biografie 

As mentioned earlier, Gertraud Weisker just came into the spotlight after being recognized as the cousin of Eva Hitler. Furthermore, the love story of Eva and Adolf Hitler has been explained in a novel called Eva’s Cousin.

The cousin is none other than Gertraud. The writer Sibylle Knauss had a conversation with Weisker. While talking with Knauss, Weisker said she was 12 years old than her.

Adolf Hitler With Eva Braun
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun snapped together in a single frame. ( Source: Japan Times )

In the conversation, Weisker said that Eva’s relationship with Hitler alienated her entire family, as all of them were against her. The writer also said that Weisker might be more intelligent than her cousin was, but there’s not much enjoyable about her as a person.

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Where Is Eva Hitler Cousin Gertraud Weisker Now?

As of now, Gertraud Weisker has kept herself away from the limelight for a long time. Due to her low-key nature, we are unable to give more info about her current life.

So, it can’t be confirmed where she is now. People have also asked questions related to her death news, but the fact has not been released yet. 

eva braun
Gertraud Weisker’s cousin Eva and Adolf Hitler together with their dogs. ( Source: The Times of Israel )

As mentioned earlier, Weisker was also a married woman, but her husband had already passed away. Also, the information related to her husband remains unknown.

Meanwhile, her cousin, Eva, passed away on April 30, 1945. 

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