Gigi Bryant died with her father, basketball legend Kobe Bryant, in a helicopter crash in Calabasas on January 26, 2020. 

Fans are still searching for answers after the tragic incident that killed nine. Many wondered if perhaps Gigi Bryant autopsy report would shed light on the situation.

Los Angeles Lakers and American basketball legend Kobe Bryant was traveling to his Mamba Academy for a basketball game with his daughter, Gigi, and family friends.

Sadly, the helicopter they were on crashed in Calabasas, California. 

Other casualties were: baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri, daughter Alyssa, Payton Chester, Sara, basketball coach Christina Mauser, and the pilot Ara Zobayan.

The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that continued VFR caused the accident in IMC.

The helicopter entered low cloud cover, causing the pilot to lose his sense of orientation and control.

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report Still Trouble NBA Fans

Gigi Bryant autopsy report and sketch revealed that she died due to blunt-force trauma. The release of the report caused an outpour of anger among Bryant fans.

The leaked sketch of the autopsy was circulated over the internet through Reddit and Twitter.

The report revealed how gruesome the 13-year-old and her father’s death was, troubling many NBA fans. 

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report
Kobe Bryant had a special bonding with his daughter Gigi. (Source: Newsweek)

According to the autopsy, Gigi had her right leg amputated, and her left leg was nearly amputated.

There were multiple abrasions, contusions, and lacerations all over her body.

Multiple fractures in her head and body were also reported, and no brain matter was found.

The gory nature of the fate of one of the most beloved basketball stars and his daughter left a massive scar on fans.

Kobe Bryant Wife Vanessa Sues LA County Over Autopsy Sketch Leak

Shortly following the release, the autopsy sketch trended on Google, to the dismay of Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant.

Vanessa filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, whose sheriff’s deputies were accused of gratuitously circulating pictures of her husband and daughter’s bodies.

Though the pictures have not reached the public domain, she accused that they were allegedly circulated privately.

Vanessa Bryant sued Los Angeles County for leaking images of Kobe and Gigi’s bodies. (Source: NBC News)

TMZ reported that Vanessa was suing the LA sheriff’s department for emotional distress.

Many fans were baffled to learn that the pictures of the accident site and the dead bodies were taken. 

It was reported that eight deputies took photos of the remains of Kobe Bryant and Gianna through their cellphones and circulated them to co-workers, family, and friends.

In August 2022, after a trial, Vanessa was awarded $16 million in damages related to the leaked photos. 

She announced to donate the money from the lawsuit to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Gigi Bryant Biography

Gianna Maria Onore Bryant, popularly known as Gigi Bryant, was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 1, 2006.

She was the daughter of American basketball player Kobe Bryant and model Vanessa Bryant.

Gigi was also a basketball player who played high school basketball at Harbor Day School in Newport Beach, California.

Gigi Bryant was an aspiring basketball player. (Source: E News)

She had an older sister Natalia and two younger sisters, Bianka and Capri. She was inspired to take up basketball after seeing her father, Kobe, play.

The 13-year-old aspired to play in the WNBA as an adult. Her father coached her at the Mamba Sports Academy.

Sadly, a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, left Gianna, her father, Kobe, six family friends, and the pilot dead.

The group was traveling to Ventura County for a basketball game at Mamba Academy in Thousand Oaks when they met their untimely end.

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