Giorgia Soleri

Giorgia Soleri illness has left fans worried for a long time. They have been wondering, is she getting better? Let’s find out. 

Giorgia Soleri has been very outspoken about normalizing mental health issues. Soleri has talked about vulvodynia and how she dealt with it in her life.

This has caused her to be in the news. She has talked about how important it is to get a proper diagnosis so that women can get proper treatment for the disease.

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This is a long-term illness, but she has come out to say that she is learning to handle the symptoms with every passing day.

Soleri says it is a battle, but she also urges other women to get diagnosed to be on the journey of healing.

Soleri is also a big advocate for mental illness. She has often talked about how important it is to monitor women’s mental health, especially when dealing with conditions such as vulvodynia and endometriosis. 

Giorgia Soleri Illness: Vulvodynia & Endometriosis

Giorgia Soleri has been battling with vulvodynia since the age of 16 but was not able to get a diagnosis.

Giorgia Soleri Illness
Giorgia Soleri during a shoot. (Source: Bergamo)

“About one in 7 women suffer from it and it is not a rare disease, I had a bladder, I was convinced it was cystitis and I had pain when urinating then pain over the entire vulvar and genital area like a burning cigarette or like pins,” Giorgia said opening up in an interview.

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Giorgia only got a diagnosis at the age of 24. By this time, her condition had worsened.

It got to the point where doctors thought it was the psychological trauma that Giorgia was experiencing.

This led to other doctors saying the same thing and preventing Giorgia from having a proper diagnosis. 

Due to not being appropriately diagnosed, Giorgia also had to deal with endometriosis.

Things kept adding to Giorgia’s suffering, making her want to advocate for others like her.

Giorgia now openly talks about her struggles to influence other women to make the right choice. 

Giorgia Soleri Personal Life

Young model, influencer, painter, and poet Giorgia Soleri has discussed vulvodynia and endometriosis on her social media. She was born in Milan, Italy and is of Italian descent.

There is no information about Giorgia’s parents or siblings on the Internet.

While Giorgia has been very open about her struggles with her disease, she has not talked about her family.

Soleri has been dating Maneskin singer Damiano David since 2017.

Giorgia Soleri
Soleri with boyfriend Damiano David. (Source: Napolike)

The long-term couple has been in a committed relationship, but there have been no talks of marriage. 

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They have kept the relationship private and have not shared intimate details with the public other than sharing pictures of each other on social media. 

What Is Giorgia Soleri Net Worth In 2023?

Giorgia Soleri’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. 

Giorgia Soleri
Giorgia Soleri at Giffoni film festival. (Source: GiffoniFilmFestival)

As a model and activist, Giorgia Soleri has been able to make quite a fortune for herself.

Giorgia has been highlighted for her modeling in a number of publications, including GQ Italia, Digital Camera, and Hangover.

This shows that Giorgia has been earning well for herself from her career.

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