Gixxer Brah Arrested

Gixxer Brah Arrested for speeding and that video went viral. An unknown motorcycle rider known as “Gixxer brah” is seen in a viral YouTube video making a 20-minute trip from Colorado Springs to Denver on I-25. 

Gixxer maneuvers through traffic at over 170 mph on a beautiful Centennial State day, hopping on the shoulder and splitting lanes while avoiding other cars. 

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The average driver would need an hour or more to complete the trip, and the 75 mph speed restriction would apply. 

Consider all the risks that motorcycle riders are exposed to often when determining if speeding contributes to motorcycle accidents. 

There are endless ways to get hurt on a motorcycle, even if you abide by all the regulations and wear all the necessary safety gear. 

Speeding reduces a person’s awareness of their surroundings and their capacity to respond to the constantly changing road conditions.

For motorcyclists, having only two wheels places them at a significant disadvantage when driving, especially when they must make split-second decisions in a hazardous circumstance.

Let’s begin this article and get to know more about Gixxer Brah Arrested news and see his video.

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Gixxer Brah Arrested For Over Speeding

On open, public streets, this type of riding is forbidden and dangerous and should never be done. Not just the person riding the bike is at risk when people drive too fast, recklessly, or when lane-splitting.

Gixxer brah is well-known on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook for his motorbike videos, many of which feature illegal riding. 

In the video shared earlier this week, a motorbike rider enters I-25 in Colorado Springs and accelerates to up to 170 miles per hour.

Gixxer Brah Arrested
Gixxer Brah Arrested for speeding and the video went viral online. (Source: Instagram)

After navigating three lanes of traffic while weaving in and out of automobiles and trucks, the rider eventually arrives on the outskirts of Denver after around 20 minutes. 

The highest speed limit along the route is 75 miles per hour, thus most cars take an hour or more to make the journey.

Many readers praised the rider for his prowess in completing the fast ride, but some chastised him for engaging in reckless activity that endangered himself and others. 

Motorcyclist Video Gone Viral

His I-25 video has received more than 80,000 views in just two days, and he now has more than 200,000 members. You can find that over speeding video on his YouTube channel named Gixxer brah.

Gixxer clearly feels completely at ease riding this bike at any pace, as is evident. He sounds so carefree when explaining his effort at a speed run between Colorado Springs and Denver. 

Most individuals pass on the road and struggle even to maintain the 75 mph speed limit, much less 140 mph on a motorcycle.

So how much would Gixxer Brah have had to pay if a highway patrolman had caught him going 140 mph? We doubt a police officer would attempt to pursue someone moving so quickly. 

Gixxer Brah Arrested
This video can be found on his YouTube channel. (Source: YouTube)

More people would be at risk as a result. The first stage of most speeding fines is a Class A or B Infranction, which costs about $100. 

A Class 2 offense, or even worse, might result from exceeding the speed limit by at least 25 miles per hour. A class 2 infraction in some jurisdictions carries a prison sentence. 

Additionally, a single infraction could result in six or more points being assessed to your driving record. In Colorado, if you get 18 points in 24 months, you risk having your license suspended. 

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