Gixxer Brah mugshot

Gixxer Brah is a famous YouTuber known for his fun videos and risky stunts. Recently, people have been talking a lot about his arrest and charges online.

Gixxer has a big following on YouTube, with over 251,000 subscribers. He’s posted 491 videos in total, which have been watched nearly 20 million times.

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He started his YouTube channel back on February 21, 2011, and it’s grown a lot since then. You can see how his content has changed over time and how he’s reached important milestones.

Gixxer Brah also has a lot of fans on social media, like Instagram, where he has more than 169,000 followers.

Gixxer has a dedicated fanbase of over 250k YouTube subscribers who love his daring stunt videos.

But this latest arrest has many of his fans extremely concerned and upset. Many have expressed devastation that their fun-loving, daring YouTube hero has landed in serious legal trouble that could carry jail time.

His fans are worried both for Gixxer’s safety and also whether he will be able to create more of his popular YouTube content if he faces penalties for his dangerous highway stunt.

The arrest has certainly caused an outpouring of emotion and support from his many followers and fans.

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Gixxer Brah Mugshot

Rendon Dietzmann is known as Gixxer Brah on YouTube. He posts videos of himself driving motorcycles at very high speeds on highways.

He drives through small gaps between cars. Now he faces several charges after he was arrested in Denton County, Texas.

The District Attorney said he was arrested on a warrant from Colorado. The warrant lists many offences.

These include threatening people, having illegal speed races, putting people in danger, speeding over 40 mph over the limit, showing off speed, and driving without a licence plate. Fox News reported this.

Gixxer Brah mugshot
Gixxer is facing charges for his reckless driving (Source: Dexerto)

Online records from the Denton County Sheriff’s Office show another charge of assault. The Denver Post says the jail records have this assault charge. But the first warrant did not.

The charges connect to one of his YouTube videos. The video showed him driving from Colorado Springs to Denver very fast.

He did the one-hour drive in 20 minutes, going over 150 mph. Now the video is deleted. CBS News says the drive usually takes one hour.

The arrest warrant comes from an investigation by different groups.

These are the Dallas Police, the Colorado State Patrol, and a Colorado District Attorney’s office. The Denver Gazette reported this.

Gixxer Brah has not had his first court hearing yet in Colorado. When he gets extradited to Colorado, we will decide the timing.

As of now, the mugshot image of Gixxer Brah, who makes risky videos for his viewers on YouTube, has not been made public by the authorities.

Gixxer Brah Charges: Why Was He Arrested? 

Gixxer Brah, whose real name is Rendon Dietzmann, was arrested in Texas on February 7th.

This was after he posted a YouTube video last September of himself driving very fast from Colorado Springs to Denver. He drove the whole way in only 20 minutes.

The 32-year-old Texan has been charged with six crimes for dangerous driving.

These include scaring and endangering other people with his fast driving, going over the speed limit by 40 mph, and racing or showing off how fast he could drive.

Gixxer Brah mugshot
Gixxer Brah has been detained by the authorities for violating traffic regulations.  (Source: Sportskeeda)

He also didn’t have a licence plate on his vehicle.

The video Gixxer posted was titled “From Colorado Springs to Denver in 20 Minutes.” It showed him driving over 150 mph before he deleted it.

The Colorado State Police investigated after the video went up. Now Gixxer Brah faces multiple charges for the incident.

Gixxer Brah, the YouTuber, has been in Denton County jail since Wednesday. He might have to go back to Colorado for his first court hearing.

The process to move him back is happening now, according to the online sources.Gixxer Brah

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