Goffredo Cerza Wikipedia

People are curious to learn about Goffredo Cerza wikipedia. Explore more about Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend. 

Goffredo came into the limelight after getting into a relationship with Aurora Ramazzotti, the daughter of Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti and actress Michelle Hunziker.

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Ramazzotti and Goffredo are often seen together, and they have been in a relationship for a long time now, and people are interested in learning more about him. 

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Goffredo Cerza Wikipedia And Biography

Cerza is an Italian business analyst and marketing manager. He currently works as a marketing manager and business analyst. 

Cerza is originally from Rome and studied electrical engineering in London before completing a master’s degree in international business.

After graduating, he worked in Italy, but because of the pandemic, he moved to London and started working, where he met his partner.

In addition to his career in marketing, he has also pursued his passion for fitness and founded “kingcerzfitness.”

Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza are considered as one of the most attractive couples in the Italian high society.
Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza are among the most attractive couples in Italian high society. (Image Source: DiLei)

Cerza is active on social media; he often shares his projects and updates about his life on Instagram. His Instagram account has 167K followers, and his account goes by kingcerz.

Besides his career in business and marketing, he often travels and works there and has shared his experience with his followers through social media. 

The business analyst has been private about his life, and there has always been certain information about his profession and personal life. 

Goffredo Cerza Alter: How Old Is Aurora Ramazzotti Husband To Be?

Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend has not exactly mentioned his date of birth; many sources have mentioned his age. 

As per the source, he is currently 29 years old. 

Cerza has shared pictures of himself, but based on those pictures, he doesn’t appear to be the age that has been reported. This raises some questions about his actual age and appearance.

So, many people have always been confused about his age, but many sources have mentioned his exact age. 

Goffredo Cerza Family Background 

Cerza was born to Francesca Romana Malato and Fabio Cerza in a well-settled family. 

His mother manages a well-known outpatient clinic in Rome, while his father is a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology.

Goffredo was raised with an older sister, Carolina, who has a daughter and works as a molecular biologist and has a daughter. 

He often shares pictures with his family at festivals and recently shared a photo of his family at Christmas 2022.

Talking about family, he has been engaged to Aurora Ramazzotti, the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti. The couple has been together for more than five years. 

They have not mentioned getting married and do not seem to get married anytime soon. 

The couple had announced earlier that they were expecting a baby boy and had recently become parents.

Goffredo Cerza wife Aurora Ramazzotti have given birth to a baby boy on March 30, 2023.
Goffredo Cerza’s wife to be, Aurora Ramazzotti, gave birth to a baby boy on March 30, 2023. (Image Source: Instagram)

Cerza shared a picture of his baby fistbump and photographs of him with his wife to be after giving birth to their baby boy. 

The couple has not yet disclosed details about their baby’s name or whether they plan to share information about him publicly.

Numerous Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza followers have expressed their congratulations and well wishes to the couple and their newborn baby.

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