Google NYC Suicide

Google NYC Suicide case has been a topic of interest for Netizens. Another employee suicide at Google in recent months occurs in New York City.

An employee of Google, age 33, committed suicide in his flat a short distance from the company’s headquarters.

Jacob Pratt was reportedly found dead on February 16 and appeared to have hanged himself, according to Police sources.

According to the New York Post, Pratt’s family asks people to donate to mental health organizations.

His passing occurred when Google let go of around 12,000 employees globally. Whether he was fired before his untimely passing is unknown.

According to his LinkedIn page, as reported by DailyMail, he was a partnership Executive at the Software Company. He started working as an agency manager for Google in May 2019.

According to Pratt’s obituary, “His interests in advertising and technology lead him to a dream job as an accounting manager at Google in Manhattan,” with the additional statement that “Those who knew Jacob were often a part of spirited debates about all manner of things and a humor that was contagious.”

In January, it was announced that Alphabet, the Company that owns Google, would be firing 12,000 workers as part of the harshest white-collar layoffs ever to affect the tech sector.

Let’s dive deep into his article to learn more about Google NYC Suicide Case. 

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Google NYC Suicide: Software Engineer Jacob Pratt Jumps To Death

Google NYC Suicide case. The Post has learned that 33-year-old Google team member Jacob Pratt was discovered dead in what appears to have been a suicide earlier this month.

Pratt worked out of Google’s New York City offices.

A representative for the NYPD confirmed Pratt’s demise on Monday, saying he ‘appears to have hanged himself’ in an apartment in Manhattan’s hip Chelsea area, close to Google’s corporate headquarters.

The city medical examiner’s office has been contacted by The Post.

Just before six o’clock on February 16, officers responded to a 911 call to a residence in Manhattan at the intersection of West 26th Street and 6th Avenue.

Google NYC Suicide
Google NYC Suicide case of Jacob Pratt. (Source: NY Times)

According to the NYPD, officers found an unconscious and unresponsive man when they arrived.

When the paramedics arrived, Pratt was already dead. There were no indications of wrongdoing, according to investigators.

According to the NYPD, the New York City Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death, and the inquiry is still underway.

Google has been queried for comment by The Post.

How did Jacob Pratt pass away?

According to the Police, “Upon arrival, officers observed a 33-year-old male unconscious and unresponsive.”

According to Newstimesuk, the medical examiner’s office has not released the official cause of death while police continue their investigation.

His family has previously donated to Make-A-Wish Michigan and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Google NYC Suicide
Jacob Pratt LinkedIn Profile. (Source: LinkedIn)

In place of flowers, please consider contributing to this cause; his sister Jenna requested a GoFundMe set up in her brother’s memory.

These two organizations stand in for our son, brother, and his compassion for those around him.

Nearly $12,000 has been raised on GoFundMe. On February 28, at the REO Town Venue of Riverview Church in Lansing, Michigan, a memorial ceremony for him will start at 11 a.m. Pizza, Pratt’s “favorite” food, will then be served at luncheon, according to his obituary.

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