Goran Gogic

Where was Goran Gogic arrested for trafficking more than 20 tons of Cocaine? People are curious to know about the trending news regarding Goran’s arrest.

Goran Gogic is a professional boxer known as a former heavyweight boxing champion. 

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He has been a boxer for almost 12 years; many people were unknown of him before the news broke down. 

Many people have been questioning more about his arrest and ChargeCharge. 

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Goran Gogic Caught Trafficking 22 Tons Of Cocaine

The former boxing player, he, got arrested at the Miami International Airport on October 30 when attempting to board an international flight.

Goran Gogic Arrest
Ex-boxer Goran Gogic is accused of trafficking $1 billion worth of cocaine.
Source: New York Post

The Cocaine was worth $1 million; he was trying to trade in an International country. 

According to the court documents, between May and July 2019, he conspired with others to distribute massive quantities of Cocaine through commercial cargo ships.

The United States Attorney of New York talked in the case of Gogica; he said: “Gogic, as alleged, is a major drug trafficker who, along with his criminal associates, is responsible for overseeing long-range narcotics transportation on container ships also the wholesale distribution of cocaine throughout Europe.”

Many people also mentioned that a single person could not do this supply of Cocaine; many people are involved in the case.

Additionally, the investigation is still ongoing, so much information is unclear. Hopefully, more people involved in the case will come out soon.

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Former Boxing Player Goran Gogic Arrest And Charge

Gogic was arrested on October 30 for violating the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act and for violating the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act.

According to the source, he was found in a Miami International airport with more than 20 Tons of Cocaine; he was trying to escape.

Goran Gogic arrest
An ex-Montenegrin heavyweight boxer has been accused of smuggling 22 tons of cocaine worth $1 billion.
Source: OutKick

According to the court, Gogic’s minimum sentence of 10 years or up to life in prison. The ChargeCharge has not been cleared out to date.

As per what sources have mentioned, he had a large criminal network for the supply of 1 million dollars worth of Cocaine.  

The Cocaine was not supplied at the same time; the Cocaine was placed in the boxer at different times in diffrent amounts. 

The 20 tons of Cocaine can’t be supplied simultaneously; it is a lot to get out of the eyes of security. 

Gogic was charged with consuming drugs; he was only accused of some amount and released. 

But this time, he might get lifetime jail or more than ten years in jail agreements. However, the exact time for his prison has not come out public. 

More information is still unclear; hopefully, we will get updated after some time.

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Net Worth of Gorgan Gogic 2024

How much was the boxer earning before the controversy the drugs? People have been curious to know. 

The net worth of Gogic in the current year is $1 million, according to the Sources.

His primary source of income was his career as a boxer; he was involved in several boxing programs. 

Goran Gogic during his match.
Goran Gogic during his match. Image Source: Out Kick

Besides boxing, he has not shared any information regarding his other jobs or projects. He might have business and investments for his income sources as well.

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