Gordon Hayward illness

Gordon Hayward Illness has cost him the first three games of the Charlotte Hornets preseason slate. 

He is an American Professional basketball player who plays for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Earlier on, the athlete played for Utah Jazz and the Boston Celtics.

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The basketball player has led his team- the Bulldogs, to the champion of the 2010 NCAA tournament. Gordan has played seven seasons with the Jazz.

In 2017 he was signed as a free agent for the Boston Celtics, but he was ruled out from the 2017-2018 season due to a fractured tibia and dislocated ankle. After that, the player was traded to Charlotte Hornets in 2020.

The sportsman has been concerned about his injury from the beginning of his career. He has had several leg fractures while practicing sessions. Currently, the player is at the peak of his career, and he needs no such bruise to maintain his winning streaks. He is now cooperating with the team therapist. 

What Illness Does Gordon Hayward Have? Injury Update

Charlotte Hornets team management is worried about Gordon Hayward’s Illness and injury. The player is grappling with an injury that cost the Charlotte Hornets the first three preseason games. The sportsman’s latest injury is a “bruised knee” he reportedly suffered during training last week. 

Currently, he has been examined in medical therapy. He will probably be opted out from this season; however, the official authorities have not declared whether Gordon is fit to play or will miss this season. 

Gordan Hayward Opens Up About His Devastating Injury
Gordan Hayward Opens Up About His Devastating Injury. (Image Source: Today)

This recent injury with a bruised knee shouldn’t put Gordon at risk of missing an extended period. Still, it proves he’s not a reliable player regarding durability and availability.

Let’s look at Gordon Hayward’s Illness streak over the past few seasons.

– 2016: Broken finger

– 2017: Tibia fracture and ankle dislocation

– 2018: Ankle

– 2019: Hand fracture/concussion/nose

– 2020: Ankle sprain/calf

– 2021: Hamstrings, back, hips

– 2022: Ankle sprain

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Of course, this is not the contestant’s fault. The injury is just one example of the unfortunate reality of playing contact sports professionally. We hope the star player will surely get into his best health as soon as possible. 

Gordon Hayward Illness: Where Is He Now? 

Gordon is already dealing with a knee injury in the preseason. The respected physio has asked him to rest as there isn’t any better option to deal with the damage.

The athlete is currently with the team camp. Hornets physiotherapist is doing their best to revive this major player. In addition, the therapist is working hard to overcome Gordon Hayward’s Illness. 

The star player has already missed the opener games against Boston Celtics because of injury. The bruise is not a good sign because he performed extremely well in the previous season for the Hornets.

Hayward Gorden Injury Recovery
Hayward-Gorden-Injury-Recovery. (Image Source: Boston)

The Hornets are a better team if he can play. 500 batting average for his second straight season, and Hayward was in his hunt for the playoffs before retiring with an injury.

According to head coach Steve Clifford, this is primarily a precautionary measure after the professional player injured his knee during practice, but it’s only making Charlotte Hornets fans nervous.

 “He wants to play. He’s a little upset about it, but it doesn’t make any sense to me, and it doesn’t make any sense to the trainer- Joe,” Clifford says via Rod Boone of The Charlotte Observer.

Hayward Gordon Wife: Who Is Robyn?

Hayward is married to his wife, Robyn. The couple got married after one year of dating in 2014. St. Simon Catholic Church, Indianapolis, is where the pair exchanged their vows in Indianapolis.

The beautiful husband and wife have four children together. On Gordon Hayward’s illness, his wife said he would return strongly soon.

Gorden Hayward Wife
Gorden Hayward And His Wife Robyn Hayward. (Image Source: eonline)

Apart from this, Robyn was a star school volleyball player. She used to play defense and was ranked fourth in her home state.

Roby is deeply defensive of her husband. one example is when Gordon suffered an Injury in the first game of the 2017 season, she went to her Instagram post and warned the NBA players that he would come back strongly to strike the ball to the opposition. 

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