A Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, Writer, and Food Critic, Gordon James Ramsay, has an estimated net worth of $220 Million as of April, 2024.

He is one of the world’s most successful and decorated chefs with an empire that includes more than a dozen restaurants.

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He has also written countless bestselling books and been a part of 7 hit TV shows throughout his career.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay’s global restaurant chain, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, has been awarded 16 Michelin Stars to date and currently holds 7 Michelin Stars.

He has become a household name for his reality TV shows that highlights his trademark temper, profanity, and culinary expertise.

In 2006, Gordon Ramsay was appointed as the Officer of Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Quick Facts

Full Name Gordon James Ramsay
Date of Birth November 8, 1966
Birth Place Johnstone, Scotland
Age 57 Years Old
Net Worth $220 Million
Salary $60 Million (Yearly)
Profession Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality, Writer, and Food Critic
Cooking Style French, Italian, British
Major TV shows Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef America, Master Chef Jr, The F Word, Kitchen Nightmare
Restaurants Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (London), Murano (London), Le Pressoir d’Argent, (France)
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Scottish
Nationality British
Father Gordon James Ramsay Sr.
Mother Helen Cosgrove
Marital Status Married
Spouse Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay
Children 5
Height 1.88m (6ft 2in)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Skin Tone White
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Awards and Honors 3 Catey Awards, 16 Michelin Stars, OBE
Social Media Facebook
Last Update April, 2024

Gordon Ramsay: Net Worth and Income

Coupled with his Global Restaurant and Television Empire, Gordon Ramsay has accumulated a net worth of $220 million.

Since 2016, he has had an average yearly income of $60 Million.

In a likely manner, it is reported that the Scot has a payout of $225,000 for each episode he shoots.

Gordon Ramsay: Restaurants, Real-estate, Cars, Watches


Gordon Ramsay currently runs 35 fine dining restaurants and countless other casual dining restaurants globally, contributing greatly to his net worth.

He owns 18 restaurants in the UK, with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay being the culinary flagship restaurant.

The restaurant currently holds 3 Michelin Stars.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
Chef Ramsay and Chef Mattabe at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. (source: Instagram)

Internationally, Ramsay has 17 Restaurants spread across the USA, France, Dubai and, Singapore.

Not to mention in 2019, it was reported by Forbes that Ramsay signed a $100 Million worth deal with Lion Capital to open 100 restaurants in the US by 2024.


Ramsay has a home in London, Los Angeles, and three other houses in Cornwall.

The London home was purchased for $3.5 million in 2002.

Likewise, the Los Angeles Mansion was purchased in 2012 for $6.75 million.

The Lavish Bel Air Mansion has 5 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a studio-ready state-of-the-art kitchen.

Similarly, the three homes in the coastal area of Cornwall were purchased for an estimated total of $13 Million.

Gordon Ramsay fowey Home
Ramsay recently listed the Fowey Home for sale at $3.83 Million.

In contrast to his homes in London and LA, the Chef is most proud of his house in Rock, Cornwall.

Ramsay’s has made significant changes to the coastal property.

They’ve included a wine cellar, a boathouse, and a large pool with a transparent wall facing the ocean.

He is often seen posing in front of his pool.


Chef Ramsay’s garage comprises exclusive cars that will most likely drop the Jaws of every car enthusiast.

Ferraris are a staple in Gordon Ramsay’s car collection, which alone has a net worth of $10 million.

He has often described his culinary flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay “as an engine tuned to perfection, like my LaFerrari.

Which he is often seen driving in the streets of London.

Gordon Ramsays LaFerrari
Gordon Ramsay’s LaFerrari (Source: Instagram)

After he got his third Michelin Star in 2000, Ramsay was gifted a Blue Ferrari 550 Maranello by his wife,  powered by a 4-liter V-12 engine.

Another Jewel in his fleet is a $2.1 Million White LaFerrari Aperta, with a naturally aspirated V-12 engine coupled with a hybrid system that produces 950 horsepower.

Ramsay also owns a couple of McLarens, with the Senna being his latest addition.

The 4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 produces 789 horsepower for a little over $1 Million.

Furthermore, Ramsay purchased a Porsche 918 Spyder for an estimated $1 Million.

For his American counterpart, Gordon owns a 2019 Ford GT. It houses a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine pumping out 647 Ponies.

Gordon Ramsay ford GT
Chef Ramsay posing with the Ford GT featured on Hell’s Kitchen.

Ramsay enjoys going off-road as much as he loves speed on the tarmac.

If Ramsay is ever in the mood for a little adventure, he comes prepared with his Land Rover Defender 110 SVX ‘Spectre.’

Land Rover Defender Spectre
Land Rover Defender 110 SVX ‘Spectre’

It is one of the seven Landies that survived Spectre filming.

Ramsay got his hands on it for $341,885.


Even though not enough is known about it, the chef loves his two-wheeled toys as much as he loves his four-wheeled ones.

He has an exotic collection of classic Italian and Japanese bikes.

For his Japanese Palate, there’s the Yamaha FZR 1000, Honda Fireblade, and another Yamaha R1.

His Italian Stallions include the classic Ducati 748 and Ducati 1098s.

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If you need to know the time, you can just ask the chef to take a look at his Rolex.

He has a meticulous collection of vintage Rolexes, Breitlings, and Omega timepieces.

Gordon Ramsay is often seen sporting his Classic Rolex Submariner with a triple lock crown and sapphire crystal, which has an estimated price of more than $10,000.

Gordon Ramsays Rolex
Gordon Ramsay showing off his Rolex Submariner dipped in a glass of Champagne. (source: Instagram)

Another jewel to his Rolex Collection is a Rare Vintage Rolex Submariner ref 1680, produced in 1967.

The cause for its rarity, the word “SUBMARINER”, is written in red on the dial.

The current market value for that watch is more than $20,000.

Aside from his Rolexes, another eye-catching watch in his collection is an Omega Seamaster 007.

The ‘007’ obviously implies that it was worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig) in the movie No Time to Die, which is a prime reason for its popularity.

Gordon Ramsays Beritling
Gordon Ramsay’s Breitling (Source: gordongram)

Gordon also owns a bright yellow Breitling Aeromarine Chrono Avenger M1.


One might assume that the millionaire chef travels in his own private jet. But, in reality, Gordon pays First Class fees while traveling across the globe.

Gordon Posing in front of a jet.
Chef Ramsay posing in front of a jet. (source:gordongram)

Gordon Ramsay Lifestyle and Vacation


Gordon Ramsay married Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay in 1996, and together they have five children: Megan, Holly, Jack, Matilda, and Oscar.

They share their time between their London and Los Angeles home, while the Coastal Home in Cornwall is reserved for Vacations, not to mention which they often visit.

The Ramsays
The Ramsays during Christmas of 2018. (source:gordongram)

For someone who’s in their 50s, Gordon is in phenomenal shape.

Ramsay eats very little per meal and regularly competes in marathons, ironman, and triathlon events.

Ramsay often attends UFC Live events.

In a 2016 BBC interview, he described the sport as a “work of art.”

Uniquely, the chef also holds a black belt in karate.

Gordon Ramsay at ufc 217
Gordon Ramsay at UFC 217. (source: gordongram)


Gordon seldom visits exotic locations around the world. Perks of owning a global restaurant chain.

But the Scot picks a coastal village called Rock in the southern tip of England as his favorite travel destination.

Gordon Ramsay Pool
Gordon Ramsay posing in front of his transparent pool with his youngest son Oscar in Rock, Cornwall.

The Ramsays have three-holiday homes in the Coastal County of Cornwall, one of them being a Mega-Mansion in Rock.

The family recently enjoyed a much-needed Vacation in the beachfront property during the second wave of pandemic lockdowns.


When he’s not raising hell in the kitchen, Gordon is actively involved in various charities worldwide.

Since 2005, he is an Honorary Patron of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association.

Ramsay often hosts events and starts campaigns to raise funds for the association.

Ramsay has taken part in 4 different Soccer Aid events to raise money for UNICEF.

He played for the 2010 Rest of the World team that won against England for the first time.

The winning penalty was shot by Woody Harrelson.

In 2014, the Ramsay couples also launched the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation,  working together with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

CroppedFocusedImage158088946 29 GTRF media image 141
The Ramsays at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants added a voluntary $1.40 donation to guest’s bills to support the charity and some of UKs seriously ill children.

In fact, the chef quietly made a $50,000 donation to the 14 years old MasterChef Junior contestant Ben Watkins who died of rare cancer in November 2020.

Television, Movies, Investments and Book Publications


Gordon Ramsay has been featured in numerous cooking shows as a chef, head chef, presenter, and guest, which has been a major contributing factor to his net worth.

His first TV appearances were in documentaries Boiling Point (1999) and Beyond Boiling Point (2000).

But it wasn’t until 2004s Hell’s Kitchen that we got to witness his Trademark Temper, Donkey slang, and Savagery.

In the same year, he also appeared on Kitchen Nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay Hells Kitchen
Gordon Ramsay in promotion for Fox’s Hells Kitchen. (source: gordongram)

He was then introduced to the American audiences by the Fox Television Network in 2005 with the US version of Hell’s Kitchen, and again in 2007, he hosted the US version of Kitchen Nightmares.

Ramsay then served as one of the producers and judges of 2010s MasterChef and has since starred regularly on different iterations of the show.

In the same year, he started his travelogue, Gordon’s Great Escape, with his initial visit to India followed by several other sets in Asia.

Again in the 2010 series The Big Fish Fight, Ramsay joined fellow chef Jamie Oliver and other notable personalities to raise awareness about discarding thousands of endangered saltwater fish.

For his fourth series for the Fox Network, Gordon announced Hotel Hell in March of 2012, which has seen three seasons to date.


Gordon Ramsay has had minor appearances on the silver screen as well.

He had a cameo appearance in 2011s Love’s Kitchen.

In the 2015 movie Burnt, Ramsay worked as a Chef Consultant for the cast and crew.

Gordon also voiced the Baker Smurf in 2017s Smurfs: The Lost Village.


Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Gordon manages all his business interests via his holding company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd, which was previously run as a partnership with his father-in-law Christopher Hutchesons.

It was officially incorporated on October 29, 1997.

The company provides and licenses all of Gordons Ventures and operates restaurants in the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, France, Qatar, China, and the UAE.

It is reported that Gordon Ramsay has a 69% stake in the company, which was worth $93 Million in 2007.


There have been rumors that the chef has invested in Bitcoin.

Gordon has neither accepted nor denied the rumor.


Chef Ramsay is also a well-published author. He has written 26 books, many of which have become bestsellers around the world.

His most notable piece of work is probably his autobiography, Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen.

roasting in hell's kitchen
Gordon Ramsay’s Autobiography

In more recent years, Gordon’s work has been centered around clean eating and fit food, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food being a fine example of it.


From humble beginnings as a pot washer to an athletic childhood playing football for the Rangers to throwing pots and pans in Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay has had an incredible career.

Early Career

Gordon initially set out to be a football player but was often haunted by injuries.

Whilst working in the restaurants, he was known as “the football player with a gammy knee”.

So, at age 19, he decided to give proper attention to his culinary career.

He spent his early years studying classic French cooking techniques, bouncing around restaurants in London and Paris, working with some of the most influential chefs in the world.

Gordon found his way to work under the temperamental chef Marco Pierre White at the Harveys.

He worked there for two years and decided to move to Paris to study French cuisine.

Gordon Ramsay with Marco Pierre White
Gordon Ramsay plating a dish with Marco Pierre White at the Harveys. (source: marcopierrewhite.org)

But White insisted that he work for Albert Roux at the Le Gavroche in Mayfair before taking a job in Paris.

There Gordon quickly became Alberts number two. After working at the Le Gavroche for a year, the 23 Year Old Ramsay moved to Paris.

In Paris, Ramsay worked with Michelin-starred chefs Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon for three years.

Head Chef

After a year as a private chef on a yacht, Gordon returned to London in 1993 and was soon offered a head chef position under Pierre Coffman at the La Tante Claire in Chelsea.

And soon enough, Gordon’s old boss and mentor Marco Pierre White offered to set him up as the head chef and 10% share at the Rossmore.

Gordon accepted the offer and renamed the restaurant Aubergine and 14 months later won his first Michelin Star.

The Aubergine won its second Michelin Star in 1997.

But due to disagreements about the business modality of Aubergine, Gordon left in 1998 to open his own restaurant the same year.

Chef Ramsay at recently opened Gordon Ramsay Burgers.
Chef Ramsay at recently opened Gordon Ramsay Burgers.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay was opened in the Chelsea neighborhood and won its third Michelin Star in 2001, making him the first Scot to achieve such a feat.

Since then, the chef has gone on the open and close a number of restaurants and eateries worldwide.

He has expanded his global empire one dinner plate at a time.

Facts about Gordon Ramsay

  • None of his five children will inherit his multimillion-dollar wealth.
  • Gordon never eats airplane food, so he often tends to snack beforehand.
  • Gordon finds his guilty pleasure in the In-N-Out animal style burgers with extra spread mustard fried onto each patty, pickles, and grilled onions.
  • The Scot would like to have a full English breakfast with some extra baked beans for his last meal.
  • He supports the premier league club, Chelsea.


Has Gordon Ramsay ever lost a Michelin star?

Yes, in 2013, Gordon Ramsay at The London restaurant lost a Michelin star.

What happened between Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver?

It all began when Gordon made fun of Jamie’s weight when he was hosting the Nightly Show.

Since then, the two celebrity chefs have lashed out publicly at each other for years.

Is Gordon Ramsay turning Vegan?

As of this writing, Gordon won’t be turning vegan anytime soon. The man simply loves his Beef Wellington too much for that.

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