Gordon Ryan Weight Loss

Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Gordon Ryan weight loss has shocked his fans. The American professional fighter has showcased a drastically diminished physique amid a health crisis.

Due to his accomplishments and dominance, many people believe Ryan, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt in the first degree, to be the best no-gi grappler of all time.

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The New Jersey native has won the Eddie Bravo Invitational four times, the ADCC World Championship five times, and the IBJJF No-Gi World Championship twice.

While many of his fans were hoping for the BJJ King’s speedy recovery, he shared a picture of his diminished physique after being discharged from the hospital.

Gordon was almost unrecognizable. What happened to the renowned martial artist? How did he lose so much weight?

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Gordon Ryan Weight Loss: Before And After Photos

Gordon Ryan has lost significant weight due to his ongoing medical issues. The young martial artist shared a picture of his current physique on his official Instagram, which shocked his fans and followers.

Gordon Ryan Weight Loss
Gordon Ryan before and after his recent health crisis. (Image Source: Twitter)

The fans quickly took over the comments section and began to post their thoughts. One of the Twitter users thought the BJJ champion should just quit and start a gym. “Dude should legit retire. Just make instructional and launch a brick-and-mortar gym,” wrote the person.

Another supporter urged the warrior to persevere and reassured him that he would recover all of his health issues. More people joined in the gesture of sympathy for Ryan.

On the other hand, some people even questioned whether Ryan’s muscles were natural. Nonetheless, Gordon Ryan’s transformation shocked many people.

Gordon Ryan Illness

The renowned martial artist revealed that he was in hospital earlier this month due to severe strep throat. After coming back from a trip to Abu Dhabi, the world-class BJJ competitor experienced swollen throat.

He was then hospitalized. As reported by Essentially Sports, penicillin is the first choice of medication for patients with such an infection.

Gordon Ryan Weight Loss
Gordon Ryan was hospitalized due to a serious health issue. (Image Source: Instagram)

However, Penicillin didn’t work for Gordon as predicted for some reason. Ryan had to alternate between the antibiotics amoxicillin and clindamycin to recover from the infection.

He even underwent surgery for tonsillectomy before being discharged. Once he returned home, the 1st-degree BJJ black belt shared how the medication had depleted his body.

Gordon Ryan Revealed His Goal

While admitting he has a long way back, Gordon Ryan revealed his goal in the sports industry.

He already has a prolific resume for his age, with two No-Gi IBJJF world titles and five ADCC world titles. Now, he plans to continue adding to his legacy after recovering from his health issues.

“My goal in this sport is simple – double gold in ADCC until I turn 40,” wrote the martial artist in his lengthy note. He added that he wants more ADCC medals than Buchecha has world titles.

“My body has not been cooperating with my plan for the past five years, particularly my immune system and stomach,” added Ryan.

Gordon Ryan’s return to competition has not yet been announced. The 27-year-old intends to return by the end of the year, but first, he must fully recover from his unresolved health problems.

Only time will tell whether Gordon Ryan will return and adds more to his legacy.

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