Grandmother Charged With Murder

A grandmother named Yisenya Flores is charged with killing her 5-year-old grandson.

On Monday, a Toledo woman appeared in Toledo Municipal Court after confessing to hitting a 5-year-old kid but delaying calling 911 until the next day.

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Anjuan M. Hare III, age 5, suffered multiple traumatic blunt force injuries, according to the coroner. His demise was determined to be a homicide. In the incident on September 19, Flores was initially charged with child endangerment, according to court records. The subsequent increase in that fee.

The Toledo Fire Department responded to numerous calls about a child who had fallen unconscious off a bed, per WTVG. Before bringing the kid to the hospital, where he later passed away, they performed life-saving procedures.

According to court documents, staff members at the hospital reportedly told investigators that the injuries weren’t consistent with a fall from a bed.

Yisenya Flores Killed Grandson: Grandmother Charged With ******

After her 5-year-old grandson passed away at a Toledo hospital last week, Yisenya Flores is charged with ******. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Friday, and the bond was set at $500,000.

Toledo Fire responded to a call about a baby falling unconscious off a bed on September 19.

A picture of Anjuan Hare III in swimming pool. (Source:

According to the grandmother, the boy hurt himself when he allegedly leaped from a box spring mattress lying on its side onto a carpeted floor. The five-year-old was given life-saving treatments and taken to Toledo Hospital, where he later passed away.

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Eventually, Flores admitted that she had hit the boy the day before because he appeared lethargic and could not stand up.

Yisenya Flores Arrested For The ***** Of Her Grandson

Yisenya Flores has been arrested and is facing ****** charges after allegedly confessing to hitting her five-year-old grandson.

Anjuan M. Hare III, pronounced dead on September 19 at a Toledo hospital, was killed by Yisenya Flores, who is currently held in custody on a $1 million bond.

Grandson murdered
Yisenya Flores faced ****** charges after her 5-year-old grandson died at a Toledo hospital last week. (Source:

According to Lucas County Coroner Diana Scala-Barnett, the boy suffered multiple blunt-force injuries, which caused his *****. There is evidence of battered child syndrome, which indicates that the child had ongoing abuse and older, healing injuries.

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According to the Police, Yisenya Flores admitted to hitting the child the day before during interviews. She noticed the child was sleepy but didn’t call the Police until 6:30 pm the next night.

Is Yisenya Flores In Prison?

Yisenya Flores pleaded guilty to ****** and endangering children and was given a prison term of between 15 years and life. After 15 years, she will be eligible for parole.

Defense attorney Ronnie Wingate stated during the sentencing hearing that his client had months earlier discontinued taking several expensive prescription medications for mental health. He claimed she had no desire to hurt the child.

However, the prosecution argued that the boy’s injuries couldn’t have resulted from a single isolated incident, and the judge agreed.

According to the prosecution, the boy’s injuries didn’t match what Flores told emergency personnel, who claimed the boy jumped from a bed to try to fly like Spider-Man.

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Flores eventually acknowledged hitting the boy the day before, which caused him to become drowsy, only partially responsive, and unable to stand up. She didn’t dial 911 until the following evening, though. 

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