Gregory Bender Wife

Find out the shocking story of Gregory Bender wife and the deadly plot that unfolded, leading to a tragic murder.

Gregory Bender was a successful hedge fund manager in a relationship with Jessica Devnani in 2016.

Devnani describes him as having a charismatic personality and being intelligent. Their relationship was marred by Bender’s streak of jealousy and verbal threats.

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48 Hours Gregory Bender Wife Daymara Sanchez

Daymara Sanchez is the wife of Gregory Bender, as mentioned in the sources.

During the events described, it was revealed that Gregory Bender had been married to Daymara Sanchez while involved with Jessica Devnani.

The revelation of this marriage came to light when Devnani and Sanchez coincidentally encountered each other at a hospital while visiting Bender, who was recovering from a medical procedure.

Sanchez played a crucial role in the investigation of Patrick De La Cerda’s murder, as she provided the police with information about a murder plan that Bender had written.

Detectives found this plan in the trash can of Bender’s home office, which ultimately led to his arrest and conviction for the crime.

Gregory Bender Wife
Bender’s plotted murder scheme targeting his romantic rival, De La Cerda. (Image Source: Yahoo Money)

Sanchez’s revelation of the murder plan provided the necessary evidence for the police to build their case against Bender.

While the information available focuses primarily on Sanchez’s involvement in the case, no further details or background information regarding Daymara Sanchez are provided.

But her willingness to come forward and disclose the existence of the murder plan proved instrumental in bringing justice to the tragic events surrounding De La Cerda’s murder.

Gregory Bender Relationship With Jessica Devnani

Gregory Bender and Jessica Devnani were romantically involved in a relationship that began in 2009. They initially met online, with Devnani nearly 20 years younger than Bender.

Devnani described Bender as charismatic and intelligent, and their connection deepened.

Despite their significant age difference, their relationship grew stronger, and Bender became Devnani’s best friend.

Gregory Bender’s relationship with Jessica Devnani took a dark turn when he became the prime suspect in the murder of Patrick De La Cerda.

Gregory Bender Wife
Bender and Devnani, an Orlando couple who met online in 2009. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Devnani revealed to Detective Chad Weaver that Bender had been tormenting her and De La Cerda for months, sending threatening voicemails and text messages.

Devnani took the threats to court and obtained a restraining order against Bender, which required him to surrender his extensive gun collection.

The murder occurred on February 27, 2018, when Devnani received an unexpected phone call from Bender after months of silence.

Sensing something was wrong, she rushed to De La Cerda’s house only to find him dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

The lead detective, Weaver, believed Bender to be the prime suspect but lacked sufficient evidence at the crime scene.

However, Weaver received a crucial tip from Bender’s ex-wife, Daymara Sanchez. Sanchez had discovered disturbing notes written in a spiral notebook belonging to Bender that resembled a murder plan.

The discovery of the murder plan, ammunition, and a shell casing matching those found at the crime scene provided crucial evidence against Bender.

Combined with testimonies from Sanchez and Devnani, cell phone records, and the ammunition discovery, the jury was convinced of Bender’s guilt.

On May 28, 2021, he was found guilty of first-degree murder & sentenced to life in prison.

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