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Veteran Indian actor Gufi Paintal, who was widely known for portraying Shakuni in Mahabharat, passed away on 5 June 2023. Find out details about Gufi Paintal health before death below.

Gufi Paintal was an accomplished actor and casting director. Although Paintal was trained as an engineer, he ventured into the movie industry after following in his younger brother’s footsteps.

Since the seventies, the late actor worked as a model and assistant director for several movies and TV serials. The Punjab-born actor’s most notable role was in BR Chopra’s television show Mahabharat as Mama Shakuni (maternal uncle of Duryodhana).

In the role of Shakuni, Gufi hosted a political discussion show on the news network Sahara Samay after his prominence skyrocketed with the role.

Sadly, the legend left us. He was reportedly in critical condition due to several health issues. Today’s article revolved around the health issue of the actor before death.

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Gufi Paintal Health Before Death: Was Hospitalized And In Critical Condition

Gugi Paintal was hospitalized after his heart and kidney-related problem worsened earlier this month. Paintal was getting treatment in the Bellevue Multispecialty Hospital in Mumbai, where the legendary actor breathed his last.

Gufi Paintal Health
Gufi Paintal was battling heart and kidney-related issues before his death. (Image Source: Hindustan Times)

Paintal’s brother and son confirmed his poor health last week. They asked everyone to keep him in their prayers. At one point, the actor’s son disclosed that he was in stable condition and recovering.

But shortly after, Gufi’s brother said his condition had deteriorated significantly. “Gufi Ji’s health condition is very bad. He has heart and kidney problems,” said the filmmaker’s sibling.

The news of Gufi Paintal’s poor health came after actress Tina Ghaai broke the news via an Instagram post. Along with Gufi’s picture, the actress wrote, “Gufi Paintal ji takleef mein hain,” before asking to pray for healing.

Sadly, the veteran actor passed lost the battle with the nasty disease. However, Gufi Paintal’s legacy will continue to live forever.

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Gufi Paintal Hailed From Punjab, British India

Born on 4 October 1944, Gufi Paintal was a native of Tarm Taran, Punjab, British India. His family is reportedly Sikh. The casting director was initially trained as an engineer.

He moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1969 with his younger brother, who had received training in acting. Soon after, he began modeling and made his way to the Indian entertainment industry.

Gufi Paintal Health
Although he was known for portraying Mama Shakuni in Mahabharat, Gufi Paintal’s legacy extends far beyond it. (Image Source: The Economic Times)

In 1975, Gufi made his debut with the film Rafoo Chakkar. He worked with great actors Rishi Kapoor and  Neetu Kapoor. While Paintal is remembered for his role in Mahabharat, his legacy extends beyond that.

According to his IMDb profile, Paintal has eighty-four credits of acting, ten as a production designer, and twenty-eight as the casting director. As an actor, Gufi had a special appearance in the 2022 series/film Antaryatri Mahapurush (The Walking God).

Paintal was the director of the film Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, which shows the life of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a 16th-century devotee of Krishna.

In 2010, the Punjab native was named head of the facility at the Abbhinnay Acting Academy in Mumbai, which was founded by his Mahabharata co-star Pankaj Dheer.

The Mahabharat actor leaves behind his son, daughter-in-law and a grandchild. Paintal’s wife, Rekha Paintal, died at 40 in 1993 after a heart attack. Harry Paintal is the only child of the late actor.

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