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Gufi Paintal Religion: Mahabharat’s Shakuni is in the limelight as fans are eager to know about his personal life after his death.

Gufi Paintal, aka Sarabjeet Singh Paintal, was a well-known actor from India who gained widespread recognition after appearing in Mahabharat, where he landed the role of Shakuni.

Paintal was active in the field for a long time and worked in various movies and tv shows, including Dillagi, Suhaag, Daava, Ghoom (film), and Mahabharat Aur Barbareek.

Everyone in the industry is mourning the death of Paintal, whose demise news was shared recently on the internet. With the tragic news, people are concerned about his origin, which has been described below in depth.

Gufi Paintal Religion: God Faith And Belief

Following the death of Gufi Paintal, fans and followers are concerned about his religion. Many online portals have claimed that Paintal followed Sikhism.

Not to mention Sikhism is an Indian/Dharmic religion and philosophy that developed in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent around the last of the 15th century CE. 

Gufi Paintal Religion
Gufi Paintal, famous for appearing in Mahabharat, reportedly followed Sikhism. ( Source: Mathrubhumi English )

Guru Nanak was the founder of the Sikh religion. Furthermore, Paintal never opened up about his religion with the media and didn’t talk about his faith too. 

However, it can be confirmed that Gufi’s religion was Sikh, as he was raised in a Sikh family in a village called Tarn Taran.

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Gufi Paintal: Mahabharat Shakuni Mama Ethnicity and Origin

Gufi Paintal is famous for playing the role of Mama Shakuni (Maternal Uncle) in Mahabharat. As said earlier, he was raised in a Sikh family, but his actual ethnicity remains unknown.

Furthermore, Paintal was born and raised in India. He was originally from Tarn Taran, Punjab, British India. For your information, Gufi was born October 4, 1944, making his age 78 years old at the time of his passing.

Mahabharat Shakuni Mama
Gufi Paintal gained widespread recognition after playing the role of Shakuni Mama in the hit tv show named Mahabharat. ( Source: Twitter )

Moreover, there is very less information regarding his early life as Paintal mainly kept his personal matters to himself rather than sharing the info with the tabloids.

Initially, Paintal trained as an engineer, but later, he would go on to follow his brother into acting.

Gufi Paintal Family Background Explored

Gufi Paintal was a family person who used to live a low-key life with them. Paintal was raised by his parents along with his younger brother named, Kanwarjit Paintal.

Meanwhile, his father’s name is Gurucharan Paintal, while his mother’s name has not been shared with the tabloids. According to an online portal, his dad was a veteran cameraman.

On the other hand, his younger brother, Kanwarjit, is also a prominent actor and comedian who have been working in the Indian entertainment industry for a long time.

Gufi Paintal Brother
Gufi Paintal’s brother Kanwarjit Paintal is also a well-known personality in the Indian film industry. ( Source: Times of India )

Some of Kanwarjit’s notable works can be seen in the Bollywood films, such as Mere Apne, Shaadi Ke Baad, Manoranjan, Balika Badhu, and many more.

Apart from that, Gufi was married in the past and had a child with his late wife Rekha. Various online sources have claimed that Gufi’s wife, Rekha took her last breath in 1993 after suffering a heart attack.

As of now, the Paintal family is also mourning his loss, and Genius Celebs pays their deepest condolence to everyone. 

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