Guillermo Peluffo Wikipedia

Many people have been looking up Guillermo Peluffo Wikipedia to learn more about his personal and professional life due to his success and fame in the music industry.

Guillermo Peluffo is a household name in the Uruguayan music industry. He is best known for being a leader and main vocalist of the rock band Trotsky Vengarán, also known as TKYVGN.

After four-year-long hiatus, the band released their latest album in early December 2022. It is the band’s 13th album. Along with his teammates, Peluffo has achieved enormous fame and a name in the music industry.

In addition, Peluffo has come into the media limelight following his participation in the Uruguayan version of “¿Quién es la Máscara?” It is a marked celebrity singing competition. 

In today’s article, let’s explore Guillermo Peluffo’s personal and professional life.

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Guillermo Peluffo Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is He?

Although the Uruguayan musician Guillermo Peluffo has accomplished significant success in his career, his Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

However, many local media outlets have covered many things about his personal and professional life.

Guillermo Peluffo Wikipedia
Guillermo Peluffo is one of the most accomplished musicians in his home country. (Image Source: Facebook)

Guillermo Peluffo was born on 22 May 1970 in Uruguay to his parents. Thus, as of 2023, the skilled musician is 53 years old. Guillermo must have been passionate about music since a young age.

Peluffo is the founding member of the famous rock band Trotsky Vengarán. The Uruguayan band was founded in 1991 in Montevideo. Its current members include lead singer Guillermo Peluffo, guitarist Hugo Diaz, drummer Guillermo “Cuico” Perazzo and bassist Juan Pablo Granito Virè.

Except for the bassist Juan Pablo Granito Virè, the other three band members are original members of the band. 

From the very beginning, members of the Trotsky Vengarán decided to play hard and melodic rock. The rock band has been influenced by groups such as Ramones, Beastie Boys, AC/DC, and other 50’s and 60’s bands.

The Uruguayan band’s style is clearly defined as punk rock with hardcore characteristics. The themes in their songs vary greatly, dealing with political, social, and cultural everyday issues.

In 1994 they released their first album, called Salud, Dinero y Dinero (Health, Money and Money).” The band is still active. As mentioned above, they released their latest album in late 2022.

Guillermo Peluffo Family Is The fans Of Nacional

In an interview, the prominent musician disclosed that his family members are avid Uruguayan football club Nacional fans. According to reports, It is the only club in the nation that contributes players to each international championship-winning Uruguayan national team.

Guillermo Peluffo Wikipedia
Guillermo Peluffo once disclosed that he and his family are avid fans of the Uruguayan football club Nacional. (Image Source: El Pais Uruguay)

The singer said the association between his family and Nacional is undefined yet strong. When asked if his father dragged him into becoming a fan of Nacional, he said, “Obviously.”

The singer said it is a very natural way of being a fan as a young boy.

He disclosed that he had applied the system with his daughters. Peluffo stated it is basically about educating kids so that if they talk to them about football, they have to be fans of the team they like.

The singer would say, “Look at a goal from Nacional,” pointing to the TV screen when his girls were still young. He jokingly said it is teaching young kids that the only thing in the world is Nacional.

Moreover, Guillermo went on to explain that it is how bond develops.

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