Guy Cecil Gay

Is Guy Cecil gay? The American political strategist’s personal life has gained significant public attention. Find out all the details about his marital life below.

Guy Cecil is the leading political strategist of American nationality. He is the chairman and Chief strategist for a prominent Democratic outside organization, the super PAC Priorities USA.

He has been serving in the position since 2015. Recent news disclosed that Cecil is stepping down at the end of March 2023.

He has also held the position of Executive Director of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Guy Cecil is regarded as a top Democratic strategist with knowledge of every part of the nation, including Senate campaigns in 35 different states.

With all that said about his professional life, let’s learn more about his personal life, including his partner and love life.

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 Guy Cecil Is Gay And Married To His Husbad Edward Mathias McNulty

The American political strategist is gay. Guy Cecil shares a blissful marital life with his partner/husband, Edward Mathias McNulty.

The adorable pair tied the knot on 28 September 2013. Their wedding ceremony was held at Grace Episcopal Church in Washington. Episcopal priest John M. Graham performed the ceremony.

Guy Cecil Gay
Guy Cecil with his partner, Edward Mathias McNulty. ((mage Source: The New York Times)

Despite being public figures, the Cecil-McNulty pair rarely makes media appearances. It has been a decade since the duo’s union, but little to no information about their marital life. Hopefully, the married duo is doing well away from the media scrutiny.

Who Is Guy Cecil Husband Edward Mathias McNulty?

Edwards McNulty was born in 1975. On the other hand, his husband, Guy Cecil, was born in 1974. Thus, as of [current_year], Cecil is 49, and his spouse is 48 years old.

As of a 2013’s report, Guy Cecil’s spouse worked in Washington on the SiriusXM show “The Bob Edwards Show” as an Executive producer.

Guy Cecil Gay
Guy Cecil’s partner, Edward Mathias McNulty, worked in Washington on SiriusXM’s show as of 2013. (Image Source: Politico)

Moreover, McNulty holds his bachelor’s degree from Grinnell College. William McNulty and Ann McNulty are Edward Mathias McNulty’s parents, respectively.

His dad was from Palm Island, Florida. His mom lived in Indian Head Park, Illinois. Barbara McNulty is Edwards’ step-parent.

McNulty’s mother was a Chicago-based community relations specialist. She worked at the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Likewise, his Father retired as a lawyer in Chicago and owned Gleneagles Country Club in Lemont, Ill.

Who Is Guy Cecil?

As mentioned above, Guy Cecil is one of the top political strategists in America. The founder of Miles Strategies currently serves as Chairman of Priorities USA Action, an independent political action organization.

The chief strategist of the Super PAC Priorities USA will step down at the end of March. It is uncleaher who will replace Cecil.

Guy Cecil started his professional career as a high school teacher at Northwest Christian Academy in Miami, Florida. He also served as a minister at Northwest Baptist Church.

Soon after his teaching career, Guy moved to Boston to join Tom Keane Jr.’s Campaign, who ran for Massachusetts’s eight congressional districts. Tom lost the primary election.

Guy relocated to Columbia soon after Keane was defeated to work as the field director for Fritz Hollings’ U.S. Senate Campaign. Cecil was hired as a field director for the Senate Campaign in Missouri in 2000. He also contributed to AI Gore’s presidential Campaign that same year.

Cecil collaborated with Mark Pryor in 2002 on the Arkansas U.S. Senate Campaign. Later in 2004, he won the position of North Carolina’s Erskine Bowles Campaign manager. The following is a list of the events that occurred during the year.

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