Gwen Shamblin Autopsy Report

Gwen Shamblin autopsy report, the audience is interested in learning about the truth behind Shamblin’s *****.

Shamblin is an American author, and people know her as the founder of the Christian diet program.

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Shamblin has gained a master’s degree in food and nutrition from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. 

The author and her husband were well-known personalities, and people were interested in learning more about them after their *****.

Other news behind her ***** was out; she died along with her husband and six members since the plane. It was an apparent accident but read further to learn more about it.

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Gwen Shamblin Autopsy Report

Shamblin died on May 29, 2021; she died with her husband, Joe Lara, her son-in-law, and six church Leader on their private jet. 

They were headed to Palm Beach, Florida, and crashed into Percy Priest Lake close to Smyrna, Tennessee.

Picture of Gwen Shamblin and Joe Lara during their engagement.
Picture of Gwen Shamblin and Joe Lara during their engagement. (Image Source: Youtube)

It was an accident, and the reason behind the crash has not been disclosed yet. But it seems like it was because of the weather or something.

It has been clear that it was an accident, but it has not been clear how it was caused. 

Investigation revealed that the plane crash was just 90 seconds in the air; it was a sudden accident.  

The identity of all the people in the plane was later revealed, but the news went viral since Shamblin was present in the scene. 

Everyone was found dead in the place, handed to their family, and the funeral was organized after some investigation. 

Shamblin married Joe after getting divorced from her first husband; the couple got married in 2018 till their *****.

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Did She Go To Jail Before *****- Child Abuse

The news about child abuse was on trend for some time after a member of the Remnant Fellowship Church was involved in child abuse. 

The author was not involved in child abuse but was a church member, which she founded in 1999. 

Eight-year-old Josef Smith died in October 2003 from abuse by his parents, Joseph and Sonya Smith. 

'DCS, CPS investigated' Remnant homes following boy's child abuse *****, Gwen Shamblin testified
‘DCS, CPS investigated’ Remnant homes following boy’s child abuse *****, Gwen Shamblin testified. (Image Source: News Channel 5)

They were found guilty after three years of Josef’s *****; his autopsy confirmed that he died because of forced trauma to the head associated with acute and chronic abuse.

Josef’s parents mentioned that it was an accident, but they hid it from the department for a long time, and now they have been sentenced to 30 years. 

Since Josef died, the church was in the spotlight after learning that his parents were church members.

After Josef’s *****, the investigation was held by law enforcement in Georgia and Tennessee. 

After the investigation, it was reported that Smiths were the only one involved in child abuse; no church members were charged concerning the case.

N.B.C. news reported that no clue was found against the church following the case about the eight-year-old boy. 

The website used by the church member proclaims the Smiths’ innocence and blames ex-church members for falsely claiming child abuse against the couple.

After a long time, it was clear that no member, along with the founder Gwen Shamblin was not charged with any abuse. 

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