Gypsy Satterley Crash

Gypsy Satterley crash: The young mother was killed in a tragic turn of events. She has been remembered as a fighter.

Gypsy Satterly, who was only 25 years old, tragically lost her life when the vehicle she was in was reportedly chased and rammed into oncoming traffic by a stolen SUV.

The young mother was one of three people who died in the Bruce Highway accident.

The triple fatal crash has gained significant public and media attention. In today’s article, let’s learn more about Gypsy Satterley and her life and death.

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Gypsy Satterley Crash Linked To Death Cause

Gypsy Satterly, 25-year-old, was one of three people killed on Friday (21 July 2023) in a tragic crash that occurred near Federal, north of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Gypsy Satterley’s boyfriend, Rafferty Rolfe, reportedly stole an Isuzu MU-X and was chasing a northbound Nissan Navara in which she was traveling.

A 65-year-old man, whose identity remains a mystery, was driving the car Gypsy was in.

Rolfe, according to the authorities, slammed the Nissan into the path of a Great Wall ute being driven by Jessica Townley, a 38-year-old woman, who was on the other side of the intersection.

Gypsy Satterley Crash
Gypsy Satterley boyfriend, Rolfe, is the sole survivor of the triple fatal crash. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

While Satterley, Ms. Townley, and the 65-year-old male passed away, Rolfe is the only survivor.

Gypsy Satterley’s sister, Sunshine Satterley, expressed her deep love for the mother of two little girls on Sunday.

The heartbroken sister said Gypsy faced many life challenges, obstacles, and difficulties that made her journey hard.

“But she never gave up; she fought every day for a better future,” added Sunshine. The victim’s sibling said she was close to achieving it; she was happy, joyful and loving despite all the hardships.

Moreover, a crowdfunding page has been launched on the GoFundMe website to help support Ms. Satterley’s daughters and to pay for funeral costs.

Does Gypsy Satterley Have A Wikipedia Page? Explore Her Facebook Account

Gypsy Satterley doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Her family and friends have described her as a fighter, a brave woman, and a doting mother.

Gypsy Satterley Crash
Gypsy Satterley’s life was abruptly cut short by a tragic accident. (Image Source: ABC)

Her last Facebook post grabbed significant attention. In a tragic final post just four days before her demise, Satterley shared a poem ‘Keep Going’ about persevering in tough times.

The poem has the lines, “No matter how terrible things are right now, no matter how many days you’ve spent crying, no matter how hopeless and depressed you feel…”

“I promise you, my friend, you won’t feel this way always. Keep going,” the poem goes on.

Who Was The Man Who Saved Gypsy Satterley?

Police said that Satterley and the 65-year-old man were strangers, with an investigation ongoing to find out when or how she got to the side of the Bruce Highway before the kind-hearted man picked her up.

The Satterley family thanked the man while referring to him as a hero. The 25-year-old’s parents are grateful that the 65-year-old helped her.

Gypsy’s heartbroken family said they will always remember the man who stopped to help her. They added he was a hero in their eyes and deserved a medal.

At the same time, the bereaved parents also expressed their sorrow at the 65-year-old’s and the other innocent driver’s demise.

Gypsy Satterly’s boyfriend, Rolfe, has been charged and is under the police guard at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

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